Objects seemingly vanish


A major automaker from Japan has road tested a 3 cylinder engine that is “small enough to fit inside a piece of carry-on luggage.” I should also mention that the engine reportedly produced slightly more than 400 horsepower. Holy Nissan, Batman.

Nutritionists have long asserted that insects were a near-ubiquitous, replenishable source of yummy proteins. A book has now been published promoting human consumption of bugs: The Insect Cookbook. The small volume contains 32 primary recipes along with suggested adaptations and spicy variations. Sometimes it is so difficult to not drool while writing.

Scientists at the University of Texas recently discovered an extremely effective camouflage tactic employed by a common sea dweller known as the lookdown. The lookdown is a small finny fish that blends with its background by manipulating skin surfaces to change how light bounces off the animal. That ploy makes the fish almost impossible to see. Researchers and the U.S. military have joined in a collaborative study hoping to mimic the “trick” and make objects seemingly vanish.

Adult sperm whales have the largest brains of any animal on earth – average weight exceeds 17 pounds.

You missed your opportunity if you wanted to bid on authentic Apollo 11 space items. An auction was held at Bonhams (NY) April 8 and some of the pieces were pricey. For instance, a checklist with scribbling by Buzz Aldrin while on the moon went for $68,750.

Speaking of authentic – those who enjoy authentic American Art might want to place October 11th & 12th (2014) on their calendars and mosey by Sedona, Arizona on those dates. Local native artists have been displaying their skills since the 1100’s near this site. While there, take a gander at the Chapel of the Holy Cross which features a 1,000 foot red rock plinth. You simply cannot beat a well done plinth.

Signs of truth? Posted inside a loan company: Ask about our plan for owning your home. Near a high school basketball court: ANYONE caught hanging from one of our rims will be suspended.

Three U.S. presidents died on July 4 – John Adams (1826), Thomas Jefferson (1826), and James Monroe (1831).

Not long ago, a young woman from White City, Oregon won the Oregon Lottery. Hooray? Not exactly. Two weeks after she collected her cash, the woman was arrested because she had purchased the winning ticket with a stolen credit card. Authorities confiscated all her remaining prize money. Have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at