Two leading senior advocacy groups join together

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WASHINGTON, DC – The conservative voice of America's senior citizens "has just gotten a little louder," according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), and Michael Young, founder of Generation America, who issued a joint announcement on the combining of the two powerful senior advocacy organizations.

AMAC, with 1.1 million members, will add Generation America's hundreds of thousands of members to its rosters, creating a "new, more powerful alternative for Americans over 50 who seek to reverse the left turn the country has taken in recent years," Weber said.

"AARP's political leanings were exposed when the Obamacare debate started in 2009, revealing itself to be part of the new liberal elitist movement, following the programs of the newly elected administration in Washington. As a result, AARP lost credibility among a major segment of the population, the nation's senior citizens. Thus, groups such as AMAC and Generation America have come to the fore with options focused on American values, the Constitution and the legacy of our Founding Fathers."

Michael Young's vision for the organization he founded "is consistent with AMAC's aims and it was only logical for us to get together at some point," Weber added.

Young noted that the Association of Mature American Citizens and Generation America have been friendly competitors for years. "In fact, we've always had a healthy respect for each other. But, during these critical times for older Americans, when it seems that the administration has declared war on seniors, we realized that to succeed in our mission we can have a stronger impact by working together."

Young will join the AMAC Board of Advisors. "Be assured that I am truly excited to be part of the team and will continue to forcefully advocate for the rights of the country's 50-plus generations. The country took the wrong fork somewhere along the road. Our intent is to put us back on the right path - while protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare, which are both in deep financial trouble.

The financial terms of the joining of the two organizations were not disclosed.

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