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Don Sorchych

The pair, Trenkster and T.C.

The term coined by Rush Limbaugh, "low information voters" is as true here as in the rest of the nation. What petition collectors for challengers to the slate are hearing as they go door to door is about thirty percent who have no clue about what has and what is going on at town hall. They don't know Town Manager Usama Abujbarah was savagely fired for no reason by the slate (Adam Trenk, Reg Monachino, Mike Durkin and Charles Spitzer) led by Trenk, who used his majority to become Vice Mayor. Mayor Vincent Francia took a typical politician's position and let Trenk carry the day.

The good news is that in spite of low information voters, petition signatures now substantially exceed the 293 needed to initiate the recalls. There are also petitions being signed for Councilmen Ernie Bunch and Thomas McGuire. These were initiated by Kerry Smith, a controversial ASU libtard. We have little knowledge of their results except there were rumors that ex-councilwoman Grace Meeth and election loser Eileen Wright went door to door. I doubt they will get the requisite number of signatures.

The lawsuit Abujbarah filed against Cave Creek is warming up. On April 10, the lackluster Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman was deposed. Most of the happenings of the lawsuit are not yet available and depositions are confidential. What still stands is that the slate elections will take place as early as August and as late as November.

Sources tangential to the court are still revealing. Mayor Vincent Francia told someone he was advised by Dickinson Wright Attorney Gary Birnbaum there was no legal basis for Abujbarah's lawsuit so the recall would fail.

I think Abujbarah has an excellent chance of winning. Remember Francia told me several times he was assured by Trenk and Reg Monachino they had no plans to replace Abujbarah and they merely wanted to "rein him in." They knew for months they planned to fire him even though Trenk wrote to John Hoeppner and challenged the fact there would be a lawsuit.

A friend told me T.C. Thorstenson said our article about him derived from the sheriff's report wasn't true. We will see, but our experience has been their reports are generally accurate.
One thing we found out is that cell phones can be used to record sound. Did you know that? Sources tell me Thorstenson regularly recorded what was going on in his shirt pocket phone. He allegedly told town employees he learned that from his attorney. And who is his attorney? Adam Trenk was and is a close personal friend of Thorstenson and served as the Hogs ‘N Horses statutory agent until we caught Trenk voting on Thorstenson's project when he should have recused himself. Trenk, who gained his council seat in his first election here by drawing a winning card to defeat Thomas McGuire after a tie vote. As buddies, he and Thorstenson are a pair a full house couldn't beat.

Remember, though, if you talk to either Trenk or Thorstenson, you may be recorded.
Sneaky, sneaky!

I believe Abujbarah and his attorney have loaded guns in that they have received perhaps thousands of emails which currently are only “from and to,” with the text deleted, but with eventual court orders the messages will be granted.

“From and to” tells who messaged whom and when. That alone should lead to total disclosure.
Recent disclosures show the deliberate holding of data requested by Town Attorney Fredda Bisman is a violation of open records statutes. This is proof positive of town hall corruption.
We are waiting for important information regarding new Utilities Manager David Prinzhorn.
One of these days all the pent up violations will explode.

Stay tuned!