Introducing the cool guys of Iceman Cooling & Heating

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icceman seth and paulIceman Cooling & Heating is by all accounts a small company, owners Seth Kist and Paul Katsolis concur, but it’s big on delivering its promise to be honest, to be reliable, to be the HVAC company its customers trust to recommend to family and friends.

Kist and Katsolis added, “We’re family owned and operated, and the only thing more important to us after our families is our business. We’re a new company, we’re not trying to be big, and we’re going to work hard for clients and earn that trust.”

While Iceman Cooling & Heating is just over two years old, both Kist and Katsolis have extensive experience in the industry. What they found was some companies weren’t always upstanding. Because consumers aren’t typically savvy about the inner workings of their AC units, sometimes they were taken advantage of. Despite the proverbial few bad apples in the HVAC world, the co-owners of Iceman want neighbors to consider them the good guys! They have non-commission, seasoned techs who have no reason to be anything but truthful.

Iceman Cooling & Heating invites home/business owners to get to know them. They have several specials, including a $79 spring tune-up that comes with a free digital thermostat! They have starter AC units from $4,199 and offer financing with payments as low as $38/month. (See more at Because Iceman is new, it does repairs at lower costs. Of course, it can still offer name brands (Trane, Carrier, York, Day and Night) and does so at such cost-effectiveness that it’s like getting your (APS/SRP) “rebate right on the spot.”

So if you want to repair or replace your cooling/heating unit, give Iceman a call at 480-306-4064. The bottom line at Iceman Cooling & Heating is: “We’ll do whatever the customer needs.”