Old lady on a dark street

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SPOOF SPACE"The British are coming! The British are coming!" was Paul Revere's warning of a peril about to take away the freedoms of a people "yearning to breathe free" in a colony ruled by an unreasonable Monarch. Today it's not the British that represent a threat to that old colony, but a new form of Monarchy wrapped in radical clothing at home, and foreign aggressors like Russia, China, Iran, Sharia Law advocates, weapons of mass destruction, etc, etc. Every thug in the world sees America as a nice old lady with a purse full of money, shuffling down a dark street exposed to assault, robbery and serious injury because she's advertised her own vulnerability by her inability to recognize obvious "clear and present danger."

Ineffective leadership conveys a dangerous impression that the U.S. is the old lady in the dark street. But thankfully we are beginning to hear serious wake-up calls from modern Paul Reveres who recognize there are evil influences in many forms threatening the values that define why America is really the EXCEPTIONAL country it is. Two of the most astute analysts in the country, Doctors Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson understand that the word EXCEPTIONAL defines America because it includes a CONSTITUTION, THE RULE OF LAW, and the will to defend both.

In a recent article in Investors Business Daily, Dr. Sowell expressed fear that if the Republicans don't take the Senate, the country might be "at a crisis point in the history of America, and perhaps approaching a point of no return." He feels Obama, with three more years can "continue doing irreparable damage to the fundamental basis of American government and America's freedom." He points out that if the Republicans don't control the Senate, a lawless Obama administration "can otherwise load up the federal courts with lawless judges who will be decimating the rule of law and destroying the rights of the people" for decades after Obama. In his view, the coming elections "may be the most important in the history of this country."

Add to Dr. Sowell's concerns the insights and experience of Dr. Ben Carson with IRS audits after his uncomplimentary remarks about the administration at a National Prayer Breakfast. But more critical is the doctor's denunciation of the Justice Department's indictment of Dinesh D'Sousa as, "acting like the Gestapo." D'Sousa's crime? Improper disbursement of election funds. Flimsy at best or was it payback for D'Sousa's scathing film on Obama? The more important indictment is the growing awareness of a previously naive public about where Obama's "Change" is taking them. Left wing mandates are not appropriate extensions of "benefits" when they control your life.

My neighbor has a perfect analogy for the Affordable Care Act: "Under Obamacare the American public has become a dog on a leash held by the government! Obey me Fido! Sit up! Salute! Bark!" Paul Revere and the brave patriots who founded our Constitution would never let a radical government jerk them around. Neither should you.