Morris, Hall & Kinghorn reminds neighbors to get healthcare paperwork in order

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CAVE CREEK – Some folks may not realize that estate planning involves more than simply having a will. If you want to protect your family and assure your assets (whether few or many) go to the right people; there’s a cost-effective way to so do, and Morris, Hall & Kinghorn, PLLC can help.

“The cost to set up protection for your family, your loved ones is far less than subsequent legal costs after you’re gone,” explained attorney West Hunsaker.

In addition to wills, trusts and estate planning, the professionals at MHK can guide you when it comes to healthcare documentation. The “big four” include a healthcare power of attorney (POA), a living will (Who can forget the heart-wrenching saga of Terri Schaivo?), a mental healthcare power of attorney and HIPPA forms.

Simply, if you have an inability to make healthcare decisions for yourself, the healthcare POA allows you to appoint someone as your agent who can as long as you are incapacitated. A mental healthcare POA comes into play if you’ve, for instance, suffered a stroke, have Alzheimer’s or suffer from dementia. As with all legal documents, keep them updated. No one wants an ex-husband/wife legally able to make medical-related decisions when one has a new spouse!

At Morris, Hall & Kinghorn, they stay current when laws are amended or the status quo may be under review. Currently, how inherited IRAs – Individual Retirement Accounts – are treated with regard to bankruptcy could be changing. IRAs could lose protection once passed down to one’s heirs, unless handled correctly in one’s estate plan. Know that if one of the lawyers at MHK took care of your trust, IRA or estate matters, you are protected.

To learn more about these complex and crucial issues, visit online at or call 602-249-1328 to set up an appointment at MHK’s convenient Stagecoach Village office, 7100 E. Cave Creek Rd.