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Cactus Shadows High School 19th Annual GRAD NITE LIVE

As the only high school in the Cave Creek Unified School District, Cactus Shadows is a source of student, parent, and community pride. For the past 18 years, parents of Cactus Shadows High School seniors have worked with the PTO in planning GRAD NITE LIVE. This event has become an important and treasured tradition for graduating seniors and the entire Cactus Shadows Falcon Family.

GRAD NITE LIVE is a fun, all-night event providing a chaperoned, drug- and alcohol-free environment for our graduates to celebrate this exciting milestone. It has historically enjoyed tremendous success due to parent driven efforts and the much appreciated generosity and support we have received from our local community. Together, we put on a great party and the grads truly love it.

Held at Dave and Busters, the event is supervised by volunteer parents who stay up all night with the kids to help ensure the evening’s success. Throughout the evening the new graduates are entertained by a DJ, games, dancing, photo booth, bowling, caricature artists, raffles of baskets of gear and goodies, and a Wheel of Fortune on which they win cash and gift certificates. Every graduate will go home with a prize. In addition, appetizers and dinner are included throughout the evening, and a big hot breakfast is served in the morning as the event comes to a close.

As our area has grown, so has the size of our graduating class – this year there will be 444 graduates. Accordingly, each year our expenses increase. The student paid admission price of $60 offsets some of the expense, however we count on financial commitments from conscientious and caring organizations, businesses, and individuals to make our efforts complete.

Please consider contributing to this great tradition! We would so appreciate monetary contributions of any amount. We will be contacting you in the next week to discuss what you might be able to contribute this year, and to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you so much for your consideration and anticipated support of this special request. Your donation would be greatly appreciated. A receipt for your tax purposes of 501c3 charitable giving will be provided.

Please mail contributions to: Cactus Shadows High School PTO, Attention: Grad Nite Live, 28248 N. Tatum Blvd, Ste. B-1. #184, Cave Creek, AZ 85331.

The Grad Night Live Committee: Catherine Garfinkel, Deb Slack,
and Kim Williams

Parents know best

You will not print this letter because it is so obvious:

Fewer students enrolled in public schools means less money is needed to educate them! And competition encourages more excellence. When public schools exhibit more excellence more parents will enroll their children in public schools. It’s the American Way. Let the parents who know best choose the schools that are best for their child!

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts: HB 2291, HB 2150, SB 1236

Kathie Trojanowski


H. L. Menken

H.L. Mencken (born 1880 - died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Democrat. He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920, edition:

"As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron."

Dead on! Add Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain to the list of incisive satirists.

J-P Maldonado


Very large Stagecoach Village sign

Many Cave Creek voters are complaining about the size and location of the new very large Stagecoach Village sign. Because the sign is so close to Cave Creek road it blocks the view to the west. A sign expert told me that when all the "blanks" are filled in on the sign it will be distract drivers from the road – a traffic safety issue. Doesn't the size (40 square feet) violate zoning? This sign plus the stainless steel horse will make this approach to Cave Creek look like the entrance to Quartzsite or Cottonwood.

John Hoeppner
Cave Creek

Editor’s Note: See Linda Bentley’s article


What's new pussycat?

What's new Pussycat? Apparently not much. The Soviets, excuse me, the Russians invade the Crimea and the sitting President of the United States is doing just that - sitting.

Upon inauguration Barack Obama began his world "apology" tour blaming the United States for the world's problems; all the while engineering the dismantling of our military and its effectiveness. Obama has purged or flatly fired eighteen top generals and admirals plus nearly 100 experienced, decorated, high-ranking officers for the transgression of not agreeing with him.

Clutching his red-line Sharpie staring at his teleprompter Obama again makes hollow threats to a laughing Russian Bear. Having weakened his military tools he refuses to use the financial ones.

Seize Russian assets in the U.S., shun the Ruble and offer energy alliances with Europe. (The foundation of their economy is Russian oil sales to Europe.) Open the Alaskan oil fields, approve the Canadian pipeline and off shore exploration. Russia's expansion/invasion of Crimea would crumble and Putin's aggression with it; without firing a shot.

What's new? Nothing – still a pussycat.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


To whom it may concern

For the past twelve years I have had what I have considered to be the best job in the district, driving a school bus.

Seeing the kindergarteners as they timidly approached the bus, looking back at their parents for reassurance, and then boarding the bus for the very first time. They are now my kids.

I have shared their excitement as they told me what they had learned that day and their joy of learning to spell bus.

I have listened to countless renditions of Mary Mack and recorder concerts by aspiring musicians.

I have cleaned up vomit and soothed hurt feeling. I have covered scraped knees and paper cuts with Snoopy bandages and watched as the tears dried and smiles formed.

I have listened to them as they laughingly told a joke, the same joke that I told as a child, for the very first time.

I have heard them speak of trouble at school or problems at home; I so wanted to tell them it would be alright.

I remember the joy on their faces as they got on the bus for the very first time, and the joy that I felt when they came back as high school students to say hi.

I also have learned from them: always separate the action from the child, treat every mistake as an opportunity to grow, and the most important being, you must show respect to be respected.

I have also learned something else.

As the number of bus breakdowns and employees suddenly leaving accelerated I did what I thought was right, I spoke up. I learned that bus safety or a personnel problem is not what the district wants to hear.

It is this last learning that brings me to the point that I have no choice but to submit my resignation.

At the end of the day Friday, February 28, 2014, I will retire.

On that day I will savor for the last time the smiling faces of my kids and hang up my keys, ending an experience, except that for the last six months, has been truly wonderful.


Mel Magers


The people possess the power to make changes

On Wednesday, March 12, The Arizona House approved a resolution to call for a Convention of States to propose amendments to the U.S. constitution to “impose fiscal restraints on the Federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal government, and limit the terms of Federal government officials.” The bill will now move on to the Senate for approval.

As a responsible citizen of Arizona, I believe it’s my duty to tell you about the last, best chance to save the Republic from the overreaching federal government.

Almost everyone knows Washington, D.C., is on a dangerous course. But few Americans know the people possess the power to make changes to the federal structure when Washington starts to abuse its authority.

Article V of the Constitution authorizes the people – through their state legislatures – to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.

Citizens for Self-Governance has launched the Convention of States Project to call a convention that would propose amendments to limit Washington’s power. The great state of Arizona has a leadership team in place to spearhead this movement. To get involved, visit the website, conventionofstates.com. You can also contact Arizona’s COS state leadership at statedirector@azconventionofstates.com.

I believe the COS Project gives us a way out of the mess D.C. has created. I want Arizona to be one of the states calling for a Convention of States. Together we can help preserve liberty for our children and grandchildren.

E. L Goheen


What can you do?

Big brother has a new agenda: He wants a “Smart Meter” installed in every home in America.
The electric company is currently upgrading electric meters. By “upgrading” they mean replacing harmless meters with meters that produce EM radiation that can cause sever health problems ranging from chronic fatigue to cancer.

When the electric company notified me it would be installing a “new automated meter” (better known as a “Smart Meter” or “weaponized spy device”) at my home, I opted out. The fine for opting out is usually $70, with possible a $30 monthly fee, too.

To protect our health by opting out, we have to pay a penalty. Could all of the people in the community afford their penalties or would they have to accept a toxic assault? And, hey, isn’t ObamaCare demanding a penalty if we opt out of it?

Have we been asleep? When did freedom end and totalitarianism begin?

The former Microsoft Canada President called wireless radiation “our biggest modern health threat.”

Massachusetts’ largest electric utility, Northeast Utilities, courageously said, “There is no rational basis for the implementation of … smart meters ….”

In Maryland, MSMA (Maryland Smart Meter Awareness) is fighting their electric company’s fees for opting out.

A California community returned its smart meters to their electric company and said, “No thanks.”

What can you do? Write to one or more of the commissioners of the Corporation Commission: Chairman Bob Stump, Commissioners Gary Pierce, Brenda Burns, Bob Burns, Susan Bittersmith. All five represent the whole state. Ask the commissioners to sponsor a bill to allow permanent opt outs from Smart Meters and make it illegal to charge a fine of any kind for opting out. Ask them to make Smart Meters illegal in Arizona.

Mailing address: Corporation Commission, 1200 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007.


Arden Druce
Camp Verde


Little Chicago?

I never had the pleasure of living in Chicago, but I have heard so many times that even the dead vote there. I really never believed that, until our Vice Mayor, Adam Trenk, proved it to me last week. As if bullying and intimidating a young volunteer collecting signatures on March 6 wasn't enough, Mr. Trenk, according to his Facebook post, went ahead and grabbed a pen, and signed his own recall petition. But wait! He signed using the name of James Gandolfini, a.k.a.
Tony Soprano, the famous actor from the Sopranos. The real Mr. James Gandolfini is dead, may God bless his soul. Thus, Trenk proved to me once and for all, that indeed the dead can sign recall petitions and vote, in Little Chicago, a.k.a. Cave Creek!

Since Adam Trenk claims to be an attorney, it is quite possible he missed the lecture when misdemeanors were discussed. So for your information Mr. Trenk, I am including the following paragraph I found under Coercion or other unlawful acts in Arizona Law, "A person knowingly signing any name other than his own to a petition, except in a circumstance where he signs for a person, in the presence of and at the specific request of such person, who is incapable of signing his own name, because of physical infirmity or knowingly signing his name more than once for the same recall issue, at one election, or who knowingly is not at the time signing a qualified elector of this state is guilty of class 1 misdemeanor."

I am not an attorney, but it is clear to me that Mr. Trenk, the Vice Mayor of Cave Creek, an attorney, has just committed a crime. It is only a misdemeanor, but a crime nonetheless, committed by signing a legal recall petition using the name of a dead person, and using a fictitious Cave Creek address to boot. Mr. Trenk admitted this in his Facebook post, and explained that he was giving tribute to his favorite actor. What a shameful act! No doubt the Arizona Attorney General and the Arizona Bar Association are not going to look at this favorably. Mr. Trenk added that this recall is a "joke." Well, the joke is on you Vice Mayor.

In light of this, I would like to suggest that Mr. Trenk, a.k.a. James Gandolfini, resign from his elected and "paid for" position as Town of Cave Creek councilman and vice mayor. It is really not much to ask. Is it? Maybe if you resign now, you will still have a chance at the White House one day.

Hani Saba
Cave Creek Caring Citizens


Our biggest national security threat is Barack Obama

Here's the truth: Our biggest national security threat is Barack Obama.
This is a president who does not believe in American exceptionalism, a president who is uninterested in national security and America's place in the world, who considers our strength part of the problem, and who believes that America is the cause of international tension.
I formed John Bolton PAC for one purpose – to see that our leaders remain committed to restoring American economic and national security.

We're talking about a president who did absolutely nothing to avenge the murder of our Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya, at the hands of Al-Qaeda terrorists. And, if it wasn't tragic enough, our nation's top diplomat went and screamed at Congress that it doesn't matter. Mrs. Clinton will not escape her responsibility for what happened in Benghazi.

Conservatives need to take this year to mobilize the vast majority of Americans who believe as we do - that America is the greatest nation on earth and that our leaders should start acting like it.

• We do not accept an America that is weak and declining.
• We do not accept an American military that is weak and poorly equipped.
• In particular, we do not accept an American president who is weak, indecisive, and apologetic about our country.

We must return national security to the center of the political debate throughout 2014 and replace the Obama/Clinton/

Kerry/Biden doctrine of drift, decline, and defeatism with a strong Reaganite foreign policy.

John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Contributions may be made to the John Bolton PAC


A legacy of lawlessness

Right now, I'm sure you are just as outraged as I am. We have never had a President more disregarding of our laws than we do today.

President Obama, "with his pen and his phone" has decided to do things his way, changing laws at will with little regard for Congress and the American people. He is flagrantly violating his obligation under our Constitution to faithfully execute the laws of the land.

We have completely gone askew from what our Founding Fathers and Military have always bled and fought for; a limited government with expanded freedoms for the people, under our written Constitution. (And that Constitution can only be amended by a Super Majority approval of Congressional action and State ratification.) It is NOT a living, evolving document that is to be interpreted and amended at will by the President at any given moment and at his discretion.
Will you join me in standing up to President Obama and holding him accountable for continual overreach of power, in violation of our Constitution?

Just a few weeks ago, I co-sponsored legislation (H.Res 442) with Rep. Tom Rice (SC) that will allow the House of Representatives to take civil action to challenge the policies and actions taken by the executive branch.

I refuse to sit by and watch the President continue to run our country into the ground while also disregarding the laws of our land.

In order to enact change in Washington I need to know you stand with me and MichelePAC (Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere).

Together we can fight to put an end to President Obama's lawlessness. I am sincerely and gratefully honored to have your friendship and support.


Michele Bachmann
House of Representatives (R-MINN)