Underpants and hot air ...

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SPOOF SPACEI'm very fortunate. I have two very good friends, one who sleeps near me and the other who sleeps in the barn. Both are incapable of deception. Refreshing, in today's political world. Arbuckle, a Border Collie and student of psychotherapist Carl Jung, is able to evaluate the futility of misguided ideas dreamed up by liberal politicians as solutions to national crises.

A dog has a natural affinity to sniff out the irrationality inherent in liberal thought processes and would agree with Jung's diagnosis of them as "very sick." Or, more distressing, their thoughts are "basically meaningless" because of their compulsion to think serious problems can be solved with sincere slogans or convincing sound-bites like, "draw a red line," or "reset button," or "not a smidgen of corruption."

When confronted with the reality of truth, it's difficult for the mere flapping of lips of the persons responsible, to rectify the failures and incompetence they caused. This is especially so when they are the consequences of ulterior motives involving efforts that can undermine a capitalist culture, a Constitution or rule of law. Because unethical governments exist in the realm of distrust, they can only legitimize their lies with government sponsored propaganda and repetitive slandering of legitimate critics. To fight lies and entrenched corruption takes an unimpeachable source you can trust. Who do you trust? Your dog? Your horse? Your President? Read on!

Here are some examples. Arbuckle, a student of exceptional diplomats like Henry Kissinger and Jean Kirkpatrick, has defined a foreign relations dogma that says: "diplomacy is like underwear, designed to cover up ugly parts of the body." Unfortunately, in recent disasters involving our State Department it's been reliably reported that John Kerry doesn't even own a pair of underpants ... revealing the ugly naked exposure of no prior preparation, no plan, no cover! Once again caught with our pants down – as in Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Benghazi, Venezuela, etc etc.

My other friend, Queenie, is an aging grey mare whose flatulatory expertise has earned her innumerable awards and a reputation as an expert in exposing hot air. She is infallible at hoofing (fingering) liberal politicians classified by my grandmother as "horses asses." Three of Queenie's all time great bloviaters on the hot air issue of Global Warming are Al Gore, followed by John Kerry and Obama. Their late proclamations such as, "the greatest global threat of our time," and our priority mission "to heal the planet," according to Queenie, have exceeded the hot air plateau and reached the manure pile. She backs that up citing Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore who testified in February before the senate Environment and Public Works Committees' Subcommittee on Oversight. Reportedly, he said, "There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth's atmosphere over the past 100 years."

Queenie, warming up to the subject said, "If anything is warming Earth up it's animal emissions of methane gas, and I'm proud to be a part of it because it's cold out there in that damn barn.