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MARCH 19, 2014

The story of a discarded horse

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spiritWhen Animal Guardian Network took Spirit into their sanctuary it was with the intention of her being a therapy horse. What they got was a horse in her late twenties with bad teeth, a bad eye, 150 lbs. under weight with a dislike for people. Not at all what they were looking for in a therapy horse. So what did they do? They had her teeth fixed and her eye flushed out. They put her on the best food and supplements, brought in 2,500 sq. feet of wood shavings and stacked them 4 inches thick so wherever she would lay it would be soft. And then they built her her very own stable. Their “discarded horse” is showered in love daily. Loving a being that has never been loved is therapy in and of itself. That is the mission and daily work of the Animal Guardian Network.