MARCH 12, 2014

Young Americans For Liberty boosts Sen. Rand Paul to CPAC Straw Poll Victory

Young, libertarian influence highlights shift in ideology of right wing at prominent conservative conference
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WASHINGTON, DC – With more than 485 activists recruited to this year’s CPAC, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) provided the grassroots force behind Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's Washington Times-CPAC 2014 Presidential Straw Poll victory. Paul took the top spot with 31 percent of the vote.

jeff frazee“CPAC is trending toward liberty,” said Jeff Frazee (l), Executive Director of YAL. “When I first attended CPAC seven years ago, I could count the number of libertarians on two hands. Now, we’re the major presence at the conference. Just look at the straw poll results and the issues attendees support.”

Along with hundreds of attendees from all over the country, YAL distributed 1,100 bright red “I Stand with Rand” t-shirts, 2,500 stickers, and 1,000 signs.

According to National Journal, “Young Americans for Liberty … was easily the most crowded of the booths at this year's event.”

“The strong partnership between the conservative and libertarian movement is changing America's political landscape. We’re building a coalition that will take on the failed big-government policies that are jeopardizing our future prosperity,” Frazee added.

YAL also led the grassroots effort to win the straw polls for retired Rep. Ron Paul in years past.
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