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March 12 – 18, 2014


For All Signs:  On Mar. 16, the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, we will experience the full moon in Virgo.  This full Moon calls for an assessment of the products accomplished thus far in the annual year.  As many know, the sign of Virgo can be critical of flaws and Virgo also represents our need for mental, physical and emotional healing.  This full moon is next to Chiron and presses us to see clearly signs of ill health.  Our Inner Critic may be working full throttle and critiquing every minor imperfection or expanding negative beliefs beyond all reason.  Its primary antidote:  faith, hope, and love for the downtrodden.  If a negative thought or event occurs, do not listen to the Critic and do not allow it to use your voice.  The probability is that nothing has occurred that is fatal.  Therefore we can have hope for renewal and a turnaround in the future.  If we are well, we should help those who are less advantaged.  If we are ill, we need to seek assistance.

Aries:  This is a good time to think deeply about your role in the important relationships of your life.  If you feel apologetic about anything, this is the time to present it.  You may have a need to write out the ideas on your mind.  Sometimes seeing words on paper rather than speaking can give you an altered perspective.

Taurus:  Someone from behind the scenes is giving you a boost toward the top.  This could be related to work or another area that is focal in your life. This is a time of revelation for artists.  An idea may strike you, seemingly from nowhere.  The reality is that the idea comes from your rapid processing of collective processes.

Gemini:  Now that your ruling planet, Mercury, is moving forward again you will want to catch up on projects that dropped into the detour.  Anything related to travel, education, publishing, and children should be positive.  Your love life is on the upswing too.  The post-shadow is still in operation, but you will catch up.

Cancer:  Your mind and heart are clearly in sync at this time.  You are likely at peace with yourself.  There is a solid and practical solution at hand and you do not have to quarrel with yourself over it.  Activities involving your children and/or other creative products of your being are favored.  Love life flows smoothly.

Leo:  You have a steady mind and hands now.  It is a good time to work on a project that requires concentration and careful work.  You will find satisfaction this week with the routine activities of life.  You may be spending time with older people, whether friends or relatives.
Emotional healing seems to be featured, whether you are the healer or the healee.

Virgo:  See the lead paragraph.  Other full Moons may come and go, but this one brings you a broad picture of how you are progressing toward a stronger, healthier life.  If you have not been treating your body or mind well, it will surely complain.  You may decide upon a system for self-improvement after your assessment.

Libra:  If you are interested in love and romance, then this is the week for you.  If not, take advantage of the positive and creative forces around you.  Write what you have been thinking about or re-deciding.  Paint or do anything with color and design.  This is a time to be enjoyed.

Scorpio:  You will “catch more flies with honey than vinegar” this week.  A family member is ready to offer assistance or help you with good and practical advice.  Watch your tendency to be mouthy later in the week.  It will gain you nothing but hard feelings.  If you are angry, write a letter and then tear it up.

Sagittarius:  You may be encountering a challenge in the world of taxes, loans, or collecting debts.  There seems to be a detour in one or more of these areas, requiring that you jump extra hoops or wait for someone else to cooperate.  This is a week with lots of phone calls and chatting with people, yet little seems to move forward.

Capricorn:  A project begun in November is showing signs of growth and development at this time.  Although it needs more work, at this point it shows signs of manifestation.  You may be in the midst of persuading others to your point of view.  They are listening, so carry it further.  Your mind is both steady and imaginative now.

Aquarius:  Activities involving education, teaching, publishing are positive at this time.  Romance is a little on the intellectual side, but you don’t really object to that.  Talking and sharing together is a strong way to connect.  Legal interests go your way.  Others are seeing you in the best of lights.

Pisces:  The Mercury retrograde of Feb. May have carried you far afield from an important project of communication.  Concentrate on clearing the decks now so that you will be ready to start fresh next week.  You have fortunate aspects concerning education, publishing, and the Internet.

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