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Don Sorchych

The state of Cave Creek
Vannucci violates the law

Parallels exist between the recent election in Cave Creek and the national election giving Obama the power to change our country and not for the better.

The biggest parallel is lies. I am sure, if you are online much, you have seen lengthy lists of lies told by Obama. You won't find the lists in papers like the Arizona Republic, which persists in calling illegal aliens "migrants" – a violation of dictionary ethics.

canfield cartoon
Unfortunately that is the behavior of most newspapers in America. We have Obama because he is a liberal, as are most newspapers and educators, but mostly because he claims to be black, when he is principally white and Arab having descended from slave traders, if his parents are who he claims they are. There is so much more that has never been vetted except by the misunderstood right-wing organizations. Even Rush Limbaugh won't go all the way and expose the fact Obama is a devoted Marxist who goes by the teachings of Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals” and Frank Marshal Davis, a communist and pedophile. His mother was a known communist and possibly a prostitute as well. Some sources believe Frank Marshal Davis is Obama's father.

Now those comments will make Democrats or liberals scream but if you search the Internet for Obama or his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, you will find an abundance of information ignored deliberately by the national press, TV and radio, except for talk radio which is principally conservative.

But even in talk radio the fear of being labeled a racist causes the talking heads to call Obama stupid rather than admit he has clearly placed this country on a slide toward communism. He is doing what the press should have anticipated and disclosed in headlines and factual features. Even now, as his plans are obvious, they sit silently while he destroys the dreams of being an American.

Obviously our country is in a heap of trouble that our children and grandchildren and beyond will have to try to resolve.

Cave Creek politics now resemble Washington. Adam Trenk led the government because he has the slate at his beck and call, and Mayor Vincent Francia backed off from his mayoral duties and let Trenk have his way. Trenk selected an interim town manager, which cost the town about $100,000 when he and his lickboots could have installed the experienced town clerk for zero dollars. Then he and his stooges spent about $200,000 on non necessities, all of these expenditures were made after being elected on a platform complaining about the town spending too much money.

Then the slate unanimously approved the budget totally engineered by former Town Manager Usama Abujbarah.

But the biggest sin of the slate is the firing of Abujbarah, who has filed a $3million lawsuit against the town and during the current discovery period is seeking communications between slate members on council. So far Abujbarah's attorney has received a substantial volume of emails sent and received by Trenk at the Rose Law Group. I can't wait to see them as I am sure they will show the scheming by the slate to fire Abujbarah and to place Rodney Glassman as a tool of Trenk.

That is not all. Trenk also led the council to vote in favor of a net metering scheme benefitting solar customers and Rose Law Group clients without recusing himself as he should have. He also neglected to recuse himself when a project of his friend and client T.C. Thorstensen came up before council.

From the dais, in a council meeting, Trenk made a statement that they were told in executive session Gerald Freeman’s lawsuit was not necessarily winnable, though I believe the opposite is true and I mentioned it to the council. Councilmen are strictly forbidden from disclosing what went on in executive sessions. Complaints have been sent to the Attorney Office on both issues.
So Trenk, like Obama has done to the U.S., has taken Cave Creek to its knees. We know he wants to climb the ladder to Washington, but he is young enough to begin somewhere like Tucson, where liberals dwell. In the meanwhile he can continue his training as a lobbyist.

Vannucci's breaking of the law
Sarah Vannucci has a long history of dealing in lots of stuff. She once claimed she was a land use attorney. Because she was only licensed to practice in Illinois, the State Bar of Arizona told her to cease passing herself off as an Arizona attorney. She was also a participant in the Mid-America Foundation Ponzi scheme and had to disgorge her ill gotten gains. So here is a person who claims to be a lawyer but doesn't know she can't publish copyrighted material without permission? Vannucci has a blog where she publishes scurrilous and false material about us and a lot of pro slate propaganda and has the audacity to claim we are behind the recall? We print the truth, not the garbage she sends over the Internet. Yes, we support the recall of the slate; truth tells the world what miserable men they are.

So Vannucci, what are you going to do about your copyright violation which should be a slam dunk for an able attorney, which you are anything but. How about a sincere apology or the consequences? What say you?

The violation, by the way, was our picture of Dennis Driscoll at Frontier Town gathering signatures on recall petitions.