Sisters on the Fly display retro on the go in Cave Creek

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CAVE CREEK – Rain didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the participants in the Sisters on the Fly camp out in Cave Creek Regional Park last week.

Sisters on the Fly is a membership club that was started by sisters, Becky and Maurie who grew up with their adventurous mother Mazie, who taught them how to enjoy the outdoors and, in her 90s, is still traveling, camping and fishing right along with them.

After having a great time on a fishing trip in Montana in 1999, the sisters decided they were having too much fun to keep all the good times to themselves and invited some of their girlfriends to go along on their next trip.

Since then, Sisters on the Fly has grown to over 4,000 members from across the country with just a few simple rules: “No men, no pets, no kids and be nice.”

Their website states, “Our activities run the gamut from fly fishing, kayaking, cowgirl college, wine tasting, horseback riding and whatever else sounds like it might be fun. We don’t discriminate about race, religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Our goal is to bring women together to challenge themselves to be all they are capable of. It has been our distinct pleasure to watch women catch their first fish, tow their trailer alone for the first time and get it into its campsite, cook their first Dutch oven meal, and paddle their first kayak.”

Although owning a travel trailer is not a requirement for membership, as some prefer tent camping or even a hotel room, many of the club’s members own vintage travel trailers that they have decorated in kitschy themes expressing their personalities.

It is quite a sight to see these whimsically decorated retro trailers rolling down the highway or congregated at a campground.

Many of their events, which even include a couples-on-the-fly outing, are open to the public.
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