New town manager bombarded with noise, odor and budget issues

Johnson said she had the privilege of knowing Cartwright, who was the last of the old-time ranchers living the cowboy life in Cave Creek
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carrie dyrek and Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek is pictured chatting with new Town Manager Peter Jankowski before Tuesday night’s council meeting.
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Linda Bentley

CAVE CREEK – During Tuesday’s council meeting, Mayor Vincent Francia announced he would be meeting with the state land commissioner on Feb. 26.

diane vasilyCall to the Public brought Diane Vasily (r) of the Desert Awareness Committee to the podium to say Desert Awareness Park will, for the first time, be part of the Arizona SciTech Festival March 8 – 20, which also includes the Cave Creek Museum, Desert Foothills and Desert Broom libraries, Jewel of the Creek/Spur Cross Conservation Area and Paradise Valley Community College Black Mountain Campus.

Bob Moore also spoke to say he takes his grandson to Desert Awareness Park every week and called it a wonderful park.

Town Marshal Adam Stein introduced the new Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office District 4 commanders, Lt. Hoggatt and Capt. Proto, to council.

After the mayor introduced the new Town Manager Peter Jankowski, Town Attorney Gary Birnbaum provided a brief update on the Freeman case by stating it is set for trial Oct. 13-16.

As far as the town’s ongoing legal expenditures were concerned, Birnbaum stated unless his firm is specifically asked to do something, the case is being handled entirely by the town’s insurance and has been assigned to a risk pool attorney.

To date, the case has not cost the town anything to defend.

Jankowski told council he had been contacted by citizens regarding noise in the town core and he planned to have a meeting the following week to discuss noise abatement.

He said noise, odors and budget have been the three top issues over which he’s been contacted.

Francia pulled an easement dedication from the consent agenda so Birnbaum could address some potential issues with the property.

According to Birnbaum, the county had no evidence that the dedication occurred and there were approximately $6,000 to $7,000 in delinquent property taxes due.

He said the town could accept the deed of gift that could be foreclosed by a tax lien and then end up with nothing, unless the town is prepared to buy the tax lien.

Councilman Ernie Bunch asked if the lien was on just the easement or on the entire property.

Birnbaum said it wasn’t clear but if council continued the item until the March 3 meeting, he would have more information.

Council voted unanimously to continue the item.

evelyn johnsonFollowing Cave Creek Museum Executive Director Evelyn Johnson’s (r) update about the museum’s activities and announcement about the Spur Cross Reunion coming up on Feb. 28, followed by the Spur Cross Expo on March 1, council voted unanimously to approve a $10,000 payment to the museum.

Vice Mayor Adam Trenk introduced an item asking council to approve naming the Bella Vista Loop Road easement, Jack Cartwright Pass.

Birnbaum pointed out streets are to be named according to Maricopa County Code.

However, he stated it wasn’t clear if an easement is a considered a street.

He suggested council could go ahead and name it but then use the expedited street naming procedure under the county code to obtain county approval.

Johnson said she had the privilege of knowing Cartwright, who was the last of the old-time ranchers living the cowboy life in Cave Creek.

She said, “Jack would probably be honored and speechless.”

Trenk, who moved to approve the name Jack Cartwright Pass and use the expedited naming procedure under the county code, said, although he never met him, Cartwright “embodied the cowboy spirit” and stated, “It’s appropriate we honor this man.”

As he called for a vote, Francia stated the first time he met Cartwright, Cartwright not only tipped his hat to ladies he removed it.

Council voted unanimously to approve the name.

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