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To Cave Creek Town Council

Today I received six-page, four-color mailer from the Town of Cave Creek referred to as the “Cave Creek Coyote.” As you may know, the name coyote was derived from the Aztec word cóyotl, meaning "trickster.”

The “Cave Creek Trickster” is an appropriate moniker for a messenger of propaganda produced at taxpayer expense. After a quick read, I feel compelled to point out of few of the “tricks” I noticed.

1.    “Where the Wild West Lives” sub-head – Sorry, Deadwood, South Dakota came up with that one.

2.    Rodney Glassman – Are you kidding me? His employment was a colossal waste of $90,000 and seven months of time. Glassman law degree plus is acclaimed audit failed to prove Usama was a crook and dragged the town into a $3-million lawsuit. Epic fail as a prosecutor.

3.    Mayor Vincent Francia – Perhaps I am misinformed, but I do not believe the Mayor had anything to do with the McDonald’s Corporation site selection or Oregano’s deciding to locate in Cave Creek. Aren’t we all tired of politicians taking credit for private business initiatives and job creation?

4.    David Prinzhorn – If I hear the town use the phrase “after an extensive nationwide search” again I may vomit!

5.    Wayne Anderson – “Applied Pavement Technology will be using specially equipped vans to drive all the paved roads in town” to take pictures. I thought the taxpayers were paying Rodney Glasssman $500 a month to drive the roads of Cave Creek. I am sure he had a town financed camera phone he could have used for the same purpose.

6.    Ian Cordwell – No complaints on this one. However, telling me about renewing the General Plan seems to be unnecessary.

7.    Mike Baxley – A $50 building permit to replace a water heater??? If this isn’t a joke this “tax” needs to be repealed. How about it Ernie Bunch?

8.    Robert Weddigen – The new council taking credit for the upgrading of Standard & Poors rating from “A” to “AA.” I do not believe the new council had anything to do with this item.

9.    Bambi Muller – Thanks for the work on the trail system. Doesn’t “Whoa” mean stop?s Too many signs causing clutter and a confusing message to tourists. I doubt the signs meet State of Arizona standards.

10.  Patty Pollnow – Is the taxpayer funding this position? Why can’t the council or town manager talk to business owners?

11.  Adam Stein – Do we need to close two lanes of traffic on Cave Creek Road so motorcycles can use the lanes for a parking lot? Businesses are required to have adequate parking or if not they should make none-disruptive arrangements on their own. Traffic was backed up for ½ mile while bikers stumbled across Cave Creek from bar-to-bar one or two at a time.

12.  Peter Jankowski – Nice photo. May be the last time we see a photo of him smiling!

I would rather see the funds spent on this newsletter rebated to the taxpayers or donated to the Foothills Food Bank, Desert Foothills Library or Cave Creek Museum.

Thank you.

John Hoeppner
1986 Cave Creek Incorporation Committee


Do the math

Lifting 900,000 Americans out of poverty but eliminating 500,000 jobs by raising the minimum wage still results in 400,000 Democrat voters.

Ron Clayton
Apopka, Florida


A scam letter

As a public service, you may wish to publish a warning about a letter from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TRAVELERS CLAIMS DEPARTMENT.

The link to the Better Business Bureau review of this scam is almost an exact report of the letters I have received - two within six weeks.

The letter cites tickets available from US Airlines; US Airlines is fictitious. 

Your readers may appreciate a heads up.


Wes Cooper


There’s an alternative to the Imperial Presidency

In his State of the Union speech to Congress last month, President Obama drew widespread attention for pledging to use his executive authority to advance his priorities. He insisted he intends to act with or without Congress, and listed well over a dozen actions he plans to take by executive order.

Plenty of people were happy about this. The speech was applauded by pundits who have given up on Congress and believe the only way to move forward is by strengthening the presidency. The present government is paralyzed, they argue. A stronger presidency would get Washington moving again.

Others are alarmed by this approach. The president, they say, is trampling on the constitutional separation of powers, grabbing powers for himself that were meant to be shared with Congress.

The problem with this debate is that it’s missing a key part of the equation. Yes, our system needs a strong presidency. But it also needs a strong Congress. We are best off as a nation when the two consult, interact, and work together as powerful branches.

Every president in recent memory has expanded the power of his office and been accused of a power grab. They’ve had plenty of motivation to do so. The modern world demands decisive action. Americans tend to support presidents who act forcefully. Congress is complex and hard to work with.

Yet there are limits to this approach, because in the end there is no substitute for legislation. Executive orders lack the permanence and force of law, so they can be hard to implement and can be cancelled by a later president. They don’t benefit from consensus-building and consultation with voices independent of the president’s.

Consensus-building can’t happen in a vacuum, however. Without a strong Congress able to find its way effectively through the thickets of lawmaking, this president and his successors will surely continue to address the nation’s challenges on their own. The question is, how far down that road can we go before Congress becomes irrelevant, with too much power — and too much potential for the abuse of power — in presidential hands?

The march toward presidential unilateralism dangerously undercuts our constitutional system. Before we give up on the separation of powers, let’s try strengthening Congress. This may not be the easy route, but if we don’t take it, representative democracy itself is in doubt.

Lee Hamilton
Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University


Circumventing Congress and The Constitution

Presidents have abused their powers by circumventing Congress with executive orders, which could be unconstitutional in many cases.

Presidential executive orders proliferated with Eisenhower starting in 1953, and have become commonplace instruments of presidents. Over the previous 60 years approximately 3,200 executive order have been enacted, 1,830 by Republicans and 1,370 by Democrats.

President Obama is currently using executive orders to circumvent the Republican controlled House of Representatives. He recently proclaimed "When I can act on my own without Congress, I’m going to do so." He ordered an increase in the minimum wage for federal contractors and extended the deadline for the implementation of elements of Obamacare for one year. He lifted a ban that automatically prohibited people who provided "limited material support" to terrorists from entering the U.S.

The Supreme Court plans to review the Constitutional limits of executive power, including the unprecedented number of Obama appointments made when Congress was in recess.

Although all presidents starting with Hebert Hoover have used executive orders, Obama is the first president to publicly proclaim this maneuver as an official part of administration policy. The Supreme Court might have to take action to halt our slide on the slippery slope to dictatorship.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire


Exploding story

Thanks to you, the story of the Obama Administration's FCC snooping into America's newsrooms is simply exploding.

Thanks to you and your tens of thousands of petition signatures, Congress is demanding answers, the media is covering the issue from coast to coast, and the FCC is on the run.

You made this happen, and we're taking your message straight to the Obama Administration.

The Obama Administration can't decide what news we "need," and it should never have access to our newsrooms.

If you haven't signed the fastest-growing petition of 2014, sign now. Send a message.

Join our Petition: No FCC Monitors in America's Newsrooms.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

P.S. As we engage our legal and legislative affairs teams to confront this latest Obama Administration abuse, we need your support. Your tax-deductible gift will help preserve the free Christian and conservative press.


Obama bans gun owners

Barack Obama just banned gun owners!

Obama just issued an Executive Order expanding the federal "NICS" database on gun owners to include millions of people who simply spoke to a health professional, but have not been deemed a threat or danger to anyone.

Obama just stripped peaceful, law-abiding Americans of their gun rights for life.

And it's only a first step in a much worse plan.

YOU could be next on Obama’s lifetime gun ban list.

That's why my friend Senator Rand Paul and I have introduced a bill, H.R. 410, The Restore the Constitution Act.

The Stockman-Paul bill automatically nullifies any presidential action overstepping constitutional authority.

Our opposition will be the U.S. Senate, which is controlled by Democrats and anti-gun Republicans.

So I am running for Senate to stop Obama’s lifetime gun ban scheme.

And my opponent just announced he’s introducing a bill making Obama’s lifetime gun ban scheme permanent federal law.

Please help me stop Obama’s lifetime gun ban scheme. If we let Obama get away with banning gun owners, the Second Amendment will become meaningless.

Go here right now to help.

Warmest wishes,

Congressman Steve Stockman


Warning: Stealth censorship

TPATH~ We have begun an extensive investigation into censorship and filtering of the conservative message over the Internet by Google, Optimum, AOL and possibly several others.

What started out as a minor concern as to why the number of emails we sent out were returned as "undeliverable or tagged as spam" seemed to be increasing with every update, has now become a major concern and a very disturbing trend.

As we recenlty reported, we found that Optimum was using an email blocking company which apparently either scans email for content, looks for a specific sender and blocks those falling into a certain criteria from reaching the recipient. This censoring of their user's content is done without them ever knowing that an email was blocked.

AOL and others such as Comcast also filter out email without informing the recipient but to the best of what we have found out they don't use an outside software program. They seem to have their own.

As many of us have known for sometime now, the use of free email services such as Google and a few others comes with great risk of compromise and the selling of email addresses as well as content to vendors and even, as we have found out recently, to the government.

As the people of this country depend less and less upon the main stream media for news and information they have turned to the Internet where several sides to every issue can be found. Not just the side the news room leftists want you to see.

As a result email, Facebook, Twitter and blogs have seen an amazing amount of activity and many, many people are finding out about government scandals, cover ups, forgeries and other crimes. Unfortunately the same scoundrels who control the mainstream media are the ones with control over much of the services of the Internet.

They have begun to quietly shut down as much conservative information as possible and the attacks are increasing daily. This past week one the country's most popular blogs run by the hardest working patriots you will ever encounter was shut down and blocked by Google. The site, Birther Report was identified by Google as a dangerous threat. It is true the website is a threat, but only a threat to lies and corruption.

This site we have found is not the only one which Google has blocked or falsely warned redirected visitors away from. There are many and the number grows everyday.

We will continue to compile as much information on this growing censorship trend but in the mean time everyone should know about it and take precautions. For example, if you know someone has emailed you regularly and you stop getting them, you may be getting filtered.

Also, a big warning to all users of Google Gmail. Protect your email list, your sends and your receives. Our investigation has found hundreds of accounts were closed, without warning. All the data is lost, all your email contacts gone, forever. Google puts up a notice telling you your account was closed due to content violation. When this happens there is no one in Google who will help you or even respond to you.

Protect your email address book by exporting it to a cvs file on your PC or laptop every few weeks. More often if you have a volatile sign up process.

Remember, if Google closes your account, they will do it without warning and you will never get it back.

Dwight Kehoe
TPATH Editor