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February 26 – March 4, 2014


For All Signs:  This week there are three planets changing directions.  It is a bit like dancing some sort of three person jig.  Mercury will be stationary direct on Feb. 28 after which it slowly pulls back into is normal orbital pattern.  On March 1, the planet Mars shifts into reverse after a long, slow deceleration.  No doubt you Aries, Libras, and Scorpios have noticed the deceleration in your overall life pattern.  You are called to “go back” to something in the past.  Then on Mar. 2, Saturn goes retrograde until July 14.  It is common for Saturn to appear retrograde for 4 months of each year.  Saturn rules business and corporate development.  While retrograde, the associated entities move into a time of slower motion, checking and re-checking planned projects.  It may be more difficult to secure a corporate job while Saturn is retrograde.  Corporate officers tend to make mainly temporary decisions.  However, if you do not mind feeling insecure for a time, take the option and be the best possible worker so they will decide later to keep you on the payroll.

Aries:  You and another may be in different camps at this time.  The situation became apparent in mid-Jan.  You could be in conflict over issues of shared resources, which may include the subjects of intimacy and sexuality.  The one who plays Venus' role is the one asking for more sharing.  Sexual desire is strong at this time but can be thwarted by lack of attention to the communion of hearts.

Taurus:  Venus and Mars are square again.  The first time was in mid-Jan when the issues were raised between you and another.  This is a time of evaluation.  If you want hold onto and grow this relationship further, then a new surge of energy and resources are required.  So, now is the time to decide.  Is it worth the extra effort?

Gemini:  Mercury, your ruling planet, has been retrograding in the area that includes publishing, the law, philosophy, and travel.  It is possible you have been repeating an activity of the past in one or more of these areas.  You have two more weeks to finish and then you will shift into a new direction.

Cancer:  During this period there may be a surprising development that opens a different doorway in the direction you thought you were headed.  You are conflicted on the subject of romance versus caretaking, which is your natural instinct.  Perhaps you are caught in the middle between the needs of a spouse and your children.

Leo:  Listen with care to the messages coming to you from the world at large, along with dream information, and even psychic perceptions.  You are treading a mine field, but you have magicians and helpers all around you, ones who can offer guidance and information.  Take strict care of your physical and emotional health.

Virgo:  Mercury is turning direct in your house of health.  For the past month it may have been difficult to manage your diet and exercise programs.  Now the urge to progress forward is nagging at you.  Any health problems that have been hard to treat or diagnose, will now begin to show signs strongly enough that you can get help.

Libra:  Your love of luxury and fine things may cause a battle with your partner, who prefers to keep the belt tightened.  This reflects a genuine inner conflict.  A fairly strong part of you also wants to play it safe as well.  Look for a way to satisfy your wants a little less expensively.

Scorpio:  Old issues may rise to the surface and cause you to become angry all over again.  Maybe you simply have to replay this scenario, but don’t attack, lest you be sorry afterward.  Take especially good care of vehicles and use care in driving.  Your reflexes are not at their best right now.

Sagittarius:  You continue to be restless and excitable.  You want to make changes in your routine and/or home and hearth.  Those who are fortunate have travel plans during this period, which can use some of that extra adrenaline you are toting.  Your exuberant mood could cause you to overextend your promises.  Think before committing.

Capricorn:  Venus has been traversing your sign since December.  In mid-Jan it was square to Mars and this week it is so again (rare double square).  This is the action of yin and yang at its worst.  It represents challenges between pairs and partners, business or personal.  The problem concerns values:  love and beauty versus practicality.

Aquarius:  It may be a challenge to stand up straight this week.  The planet Mercury which has traveled in your sign for 3 weeks is shifting to direct motion on the 28th.  You will be changing your mind about a lot of things.  Something new and exciting related to communications and/or the work environment is also shifting.

Pisces:  Put on your roller skates.  It will require speed and energy to handle all your necessary activities this week.  Romance is looking up and may bring some surprises.  If you have health issues, now is the time to find the right cure.  You could be tempted to purchase an item that is really expensive.  Think twice.

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