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Don Sorchych

About the town

There is an old statement, "If it ain't broke don't fix it." That applies to "immigration reform." If the U.S. government were enforcing existing laws we wouldn't have a problem. Protect the border and send all illegals home.

No president since Eisenhower has enforced the law. Democrats want their votes and Republicans want cheap labor. In the meanwhile both parties are afraid to be cast as anti-Hispanic so they push immigration reform while none is needed, and nonenforcement continues with the fable that the invasion of illegals is impossible to fix. The technology is here; ever hear of drones?

cartoon 2-19-14
It is clear that if the 11 to 20 million illegals were given citizenship the Democrats would own the country evermore. Right now we are on a socialist run and yet the aligned press does little to educate the public.

Obamacare is just the beginning of a planned upset of our Mecca for achievement. I dread the future for my six grandchildren. Pray for the 2014 elections where there is a chance to get both the Senate and the House of Representatives in the hands of a new stable of Tea Party activists who will try to turn back the clock to the good old days.

There is also an opportunity to get rid of the slate of councilmen in Cave Creek, which has clearly showed they lied to sit at the dais.

I have heard the departure of Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman and the arrival of new Town Manager Peter Jankowski has been received with smiling faces and an expectant attitude by town staff.

I have been reminded by Councilman Ernie Bunch, after he read my editorial comments, that even though Jankowski hails from Massachusetts, he spent significant time in New Hampshire where people are conservative. Okay, but my concern as a watch dog of the town is why anyone would accept a contract with a town where six of seven council members are in a recall situation. And the seventh, Mayor Vincent Francia, is short of a viable candidate at the moment, although serious consideration is being given by several able candidates. However, a news clip may have explained why Jankowski would come. First of all, he tried for several years to move to Arizona. Secondly, he is getting a $40,000 salary increase to come here. So the slate, which claims the town spends too much money, overspent for a new town manager.

We will keep an eye on the new town manager and see if he measures up. The good news is anyone would look splendid after a dose of Glassman, who fortunately took his ill-gotten $90,000+ and fled.

It looks like former Town Manager Usama Abujbarah's lawsuit is gaining momentum even though Cave Creek has already spent $55,000 with Dickinson Wright Law Firm defending his claim of being improperly fired. Sooner or later we expect to have proof of the communication among the members of the slate revealing they planned the sacking of a great town manager.
The slate claimed they were going to be transparent, another lie since they improperly screen requests for public information by sending requests to Town Attorney Fredda Bisman, who was booted out by the previous council. We are still waiting for requests to be honored months after our requests.

Another rumor the slate's dark side supporters continue to vocalize is that Abujbarah improperly approved an easement which benefited him and that it was approved by the council with no knowledge of a conflict of interest.

A person told me Planning Director Ian Cordwell was issuing a letter he was told to send illegally. I called Cordwell and he said he would be issuing a letter but everything was done legally. I asked Abujbarah to show me where the easement was.

Abujbarah is on the corner of Spur Cross Road and Azure Hills Drive. Next to him to the west is Joanne Eannacone, a respected realtor. Next door to Eannacone is a person with horses for whom she arranged the purchase of their home and corral. Since they couldn't access Azure Hills with their horse trailer, they entered on Highland Road from their southern boundary. In doing so, they crossed an illegal non-vehicular access placed there by a subdivision further to the west. The town council correctly removed the illegal vehicular access strip. Critics in the offended subdivision complained that Abujbarah could now access Highland so he benefited from the vehicular access removal.

The fact is if Abujbarah, who is not a stupid man, decided to split his lot, it could be accessed on Spur Cross Road. Why in the world would he need access from Highland? This shows how the slate and their backers twist the truth.

When the court hearings happen, they will clear the air of the fancies and fantasies spread by the slate bunch.

The fact is the slate town hall has lots of dirty linen that will be washed in public, such as Glassman hiring a PR woman to support him. He gave her a contract that guarantees her job for nine months. She was hired to promote local events and reach out to local businesses, although she never once approached Sonoran News. Furthermore, there was no posted opening for the position and there are qualified local people who said they would have liked to apply for the job.