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Two outraged congressman?

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Enough pontificating! If those quoted by the media are truly serious regarding Obama’s abuse of power and ending the unconstitutional behavior of this run-a-way administration, set forth below are indisputable facts that can reverse Obama-care and expose Congressional criminal activity. 

Every politician swears to faithfully execute the laws of the land, yet readily turns a blind eye to blatant violations of the law.

I’m directing the article to Congressmen Steve Stockman, Texas and Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma, representatives that have been extremely vocal as of late. I put forth this challenge: Will you act on irrefutable evidence of “intentional fraud?” 

Rep. Stockman has passed out articles of impeachment and defiantly walked out of the State of the Union address. This may look and sound good as is the claim he understands the “origination clause” which we’ll see by his action after he reviews the evidence contained in the article.  Rep. Bridenstine tells us he’s been documenting Obama’s “lawlessness.” If they fail to act on what is irrefutable evidence their words are (excuse the expression) as useless as “teats” on a Boar Hog.

Since they appear to be concerned for the welfare of our country I will be forwarding this article to each of them with the open challenge to either of them to dispute that “criminal fraud” didn’t take place in the passage of Obama-care and whether they will precede with an immediate legal action as well a Congressional investigation. [I’m willing to challenge any legal scholar to debate my findings of “intentional fraud” and Constitutional violations]. 

Liberty Counsel Action and others are calling upon Congress to draft Articles of Impeachment against Mr. Barack H. Obama for his blatant lawlessness. Let me say up front there is a legitimate case for impeachment, absolutely, but that’s not the way to go, and a waste of time and energy. Besides, it has yet to be proven that he’s qualified to hold the office of President of the United States – but that’s another story. 

If either of these honorable Congressmen are serious there’s only one option – a criminal complaint based on the evidence presented below that would reverse Obama-care and rid Washington of the criminals that acted under the “color of law” to institute legislation that will control every citizen regardless of political affiliation from cradle to grave, as well as shred the Constitution.

Incontrovertible Fact and Law

Representative Stockman is said to fully understand the “Origination Clause” Article 1, Section 7 Para. 1. Therefore he is aware that according to the Constitution all revenue raising “Bills” must originate in the House of Representation. All one has to do is address the findings of the Hon. Roger Vinson, see Florida v U.S. Dept. of Health, in which Chief Judge Vinson at the request of both side in the controversy on the “Act” requested the Court conclude where the “Act” originated.

They held: the “Act” originated in the U.S. Senate. That inarguably established the “law of the case” that must follow the legal action throughout all proceedings, up until the Supreme Court if necessary to find otherwise. It is indisputable the “Act” is/was unconstitutional since no provision in the Constitution grants any exception to Art. 1 Sec. 7, Para. 1, nor does any provisions exist that allows “revenue bills” to originate by the Senate.

Proof of “Intentional Fraud” in passage of the “Act”:

Background: A special election was held in Massachusetts, to the surprise of the Democrat controlled Senate, Scott Brown was elected to replace Senate Ted Kennedy assuring the Republican Party the needed votes to have a filibuster that would have ended the debate, and Obama-care. 

In their haste to pass the “Act” the Congressional leadership with “ fraudulent intent” Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid over a weekend, prior to Scott Brown being sworn in took an unrelated  House bill, H.R. 3590, written by Rep. Charles Rangel titled the “Service Members Ownership Tax Act” of 2009, extracted the entire contents, thereafter replacing the contents with the Senate’s version of the “America’s Healthy Future Act” (S.1796) that contained “revenue raising provisions” a precursor of the “Act” as found by the Federal Court, Judge Vinson. To the give the appearance of legality, as if the House of Representative drafted the “Act.” 

Realizing it would be impossible to submit the “Service Members Ownership Tax Act” of 2009 as so-called health legislation “Act.” The Congressional leadership thereafter substituted the name of the “Service Members Ownership Tax Act of 2009” renaming it “Patients Protective and Affordable Care Act” surreptitiously to acquire a “ House Designation Number” required to be voted upon.  

You see the corrupt Democrat leadership accepted the Senate “bill” for expediency independent of any House bill. In short the House never wrote the Obama-care legislation; instead there was a bait and switch.

No legal argument or argument exists to dispute these facts. If what has been alleged and I believe proven is not enough there are so many violations of the Constitution which I will be pointing out in coming articles – no less than 19-irrefutable violations of the U.S. Constitution. 

I would refer our Congressional body to an article posted on many sites on the internet, concerning what I and many Americans believe must be addressed for the “general welfare” of the entire nation; “Obama-Care – Creates Unconstitutional Army- “HR3590 – Revealed Tyranny”. If you have any understanding of the Constitution you will see the danger your fellow citizens may be in. I’ll leave you with these parting words:

“Preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution, and to “take care that the law be faithfully executed.” This has become a fiasco with this present government. America, it’s time to throw them all out of office and institute term limits, or become a socialist Marxist state that equates to slavery. The ball is in your corner Congressmen, will you hit one out of the park, or strike out – America waits!

I ask every reader to forward this article to your Representatives, friends, and family. “We the People” must create ‘People’s Network’. The main street media has abandoned us.

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