Come by to shop and consign

Cowboy Joe’s offers eclectic home decor
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Tucked away in a parking lot behind the local Dairy Queen, Cowboy Joe’s provides Cave Creek with a furniture consignment store that’s looking to be different from the other local shops around town.

Aside from Cowboy Joe’s brightly colored signs, the thing that sets the shop apart from much of the rest of the town is the vast array of styles of furniture and decorative items. Despite the name, the store’s merchandise doesn’t necessarily carry the “western” motif that has become synonymous with Cave Creek.

According to Joe G., the owner of Cowboy Joe’s, the decision to diversify the types of home décor within his store was an easy one. “Everything in here, it's a very eclectic collection. There's some western, some modern, some vintage,” said Joe. “It constantly will change too. Most of my furniture comes from local connections, so since the people here are eclectic, the furniture will be eclectic.”

Joe hopes his friendliness and experience will make the store a success. “I like talking to people, so I greet everyone and give everyone attention. I’ve worked in a few stores like this that haven't made it, and I learned from their mistakes,” said Joe.

"I'm a local guy with a local store. I think most people in town know me, and they're welcome to come on by, check things out and also consign things. I need stuff coming in the door as well as going out the door," said Joe. "I want to give the locals around here a good deal, be fair, be honest, and later on, get involved in the community volunte-ering for events and such."

Ultimately, Joe isn’t trying to put anyone out of business with Cowboy Joe’s, he just wants to be part of the community. “I think each store up here fills its own little niche,” said Joe. "We all have our own character, and the shopkeepers I know have been supportive of me. It's competitive, but friendly competition and I think there's room for all of us."

Scott McIntosh, owner of Coyote Creek, said he's known Joe for years and that he believes Joe is already part of Cave Creek's allure. "Joe is like a fixture to Cave Creek," said McIntosh. "He reminds me of that familiar sight you are used to seeing daily about town, one of those images that burns in your mind and lasts for all time. He's one of those guys if you didn't see him around for a while, you'd wonder where he is."