Leave it to Bieber

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber (whose smoke filled plane couldn't get any higher) is getting more media coverage than any subject that would shed an objective light on the President. The exception may be the short-lived brow beating of Bill O'Reilly for his pointed, but honest interview with the President on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bieber, drunk, high and drag racing has deflected more media attention from Obama than all other subjects in 2014. Any other 19 year old caught in such activity would find themselves in jail. Apparently grateful to this little teenage loose cannon, the President has ignored the outcry for Bieber's expulsion from the United States with the same deaf ear turned to the Keystone pipeline offer.

Obama won't kick Bieber out and won't let the Keystone pipeline in; now that's leadership.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Mayor Francia and Mr. Glassman

Mayor Francia is one entertaining guy. In the February issue of a local shopper he extolled the accomplishments of Rodney Glassman, the perennially lost but exceedingly well compensated interim town manager. Here is what the Mayor (M) said followed by my observations (O):

(M) He gave Cave Creek’s Court to Carefree along with lots of money. (O) That’s an accomplishment? No one, including you, Mr. Mayor, believed the numbers presented to justify that move. Carefree, however, is happy as a clam and will hate to see him go!

(M) He improved the efficiency of government. (O) How? Based on what? He never understood town government and certainly never managed anything. His own ASU management study acknowledged a total disconnect between Glassman and a very professional town staff.

(M) He added to the town banners program. (O) I guess he did, but exactly which ones are we talking about amidst all of the totally uncontrolled signage and banner clutter that is now strewn all over town.

(M) He had something (unspecified) to do with the most successful Wild West Days ever. (O) I’m sure you compared sales tax receipts for the past 5 years or so to make that statement, Mr. Mayor. Nonetheless, my hat’s off to the Cave Creek Merchants Association that has been conducting that event for years without Glassman, and they did a superb job again this year with the best economy since 2009.

(M) He procured candidates for permanent town manager. (O) Yes he did – 4 months late and using the most secretive process probably ever used for such a purpose and controlled by four people; two did not even live in Cave Creek, one had no long term vested interest in the outcome, one (Glassman) had zero experience as town manager to contribute to the process and one (Mr. Mayor) who has never yet made a decision until the all votes are counted.

Please spare us Mr. Mayor – we are not idiots.

Melanie Williams
Cave Creek


Another apparent back room deal

There is nothing quite as entertaining as watching the Slate (Trenk, Durkin, Spitzer and Monachino) trying to explain to long term Cave Creek resident, former Councilman, actual horseman, real estate and trails expert Terry Smith that he doesn’t understand the trail system or General Plan and why he should agree to giving Gerald Freeman everything he wanted by settling his frivolous lawsuit in another apparent back room political payback deal by the Slate (Town Council Meeting 1/27/14). Fortunately, a room full of intelligent and tenacious Cave Creek residents and actual land use attorneys exposed this Trenk/Glassman give away deal to daylight and explained the situation in terms that even the Slate could no longer publicly support (Town Council Meeting 2/3/14). And, the admission was free!

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Immigration Reform now, not next year!

Are we really going to accept the status-quo on immigration reform for another year?  In the past few weeks we've heard and read that Congress had a bill and was ready to act on it and so did the Senate.

Today we find that the House is not going to bring the bill to a vote and that we should not expect action on immigration reform until next year.  This is simply outrageous!  How many election cycles must we go through until we elect people with enough courage to live up to their campaign promises and vote an immigration reform package that will begin to fix the enormous problems in our society by enforcing nothing, requiring nothing while making campaign declarations.

In a bi-partisan fashion the House could vote to absolutely secure the border, make background checks thorough and mandatory, require fines and back taxes to be paid and show an ability to be self-supporting.  None of these requirements take a lot of courage to justify.  So long as we do nothing, we are granting the illegal de-facto amnesty, which fixes nothing and makes everyone angry.

Craft a bill, have a vote, stand up for the people who elected you.


Jill Davis
Cave Creek



daisyAfter our disastrous experience with a Scottsdale-based canine rescue organization, we made contact with the Southwest Airedale Rescue people, who had three Airedales needing families. We lucked out with a sweet-natured female named "Miss Daisy of Arizona," whom we picked up yesterday. She slept well, romped with us, learned to use the doggy door, and challenged us to a tug-of-war. This morning, she met the veterinarian's staff when we dropped off her medical records, and met the Marshal for whom I patrol as a volunteer.

When things go wrong, have faith, and God will answer. May He cast His blessings on the people from Southwest Airedale Rescue for the mitzvoth they perform!!



Obama's disdain for John Q Public is obvious

When Obama insulted all of those small business people by saying they didn't do it, after they beat the odds of going into business, how could we think of him as a man of the people? They didn't do that? Was it because of ever increasing taxes, ordinances and fines that they succeeded?

Then Obama told us that if we liked our insurance policies we could keep them! Now the policies cost more and have even higher deductibles keeping affordable health care further out of reach of the average American. And now Obama and his crew want to open the flood gates to the Mexican border to impoverished, illiterate, low skilled people to get free health insurance from you and me!

Is Obama insane or purposely trying to collapses us economically with his proposed carbon tax and the shutting down of our coal powered plants? In light of the freezing weather, you would think Obama, Al Gore and the rest of the tree huggers would be laughed off the stage. But they are only doing the bidding for Goldman Sachs who will profit from moving these carbon taxes and for being the middleman for every bond our government issues to pay for our unending escalation of debt!


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Power grab

President Obama swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. He swore to faithfully execute the law of the land – laws passed by Congress.

Yet, President Obama says he won't work with Congress. He will circumvent Congress and the Constitution through Executive orders.

That's not just a threat – it's a promise. Through Executive orders, he's already changed ObamaCare, changed immigration law, and changed our economy.

But President Obama's job is to enforce the law, not make the law.

The ACLJ stands ready to challenge any unconstitutional abuse of executive power in court. President Obama's unlawful power grab will not stand.

Do your job, Mr. President. Work with Congress and uphold the Constitution.

Please visit www.ACLJ.org to sign the Petition To End Unconstitutional Executive Orders.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel


A real, honest-to-goodness handyman

For months I have searched for a real old-fashioned handyman. Not a builder or electrician or profession something or other. Just a guy who will do small jobs around the house and yard from time to time.  Someone my neighbors and I could depend on to do the things a good husband would do around the house—if we had husbands.
Where oh where is my real honest-to-goodness handy man?
Suzanne Miller
A Cave Creek person who needs locks on two doors fixed, some clean up and planting on my patio, a filter changed, and what not.
Editor note: Ms. Miller, please check the Sonoran News Business Directory for handymen. Handymen, take up the challenge!