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February 12 – 18, 2014


For All Signs: As I have written in my annual column, from Jan. through mid-July we have a series of retrogrades that impede general progress. It feels almost like the cosmos is playing some sort of joke. From Dec. 21, 2013 until Jan. 30 we had Venus, goddess of love, retrograde. No sooner does she turn direct, but then Feb. 6 brought us a new Mercury retrograde that continues through Feb. 28. But (ha,ha) here comes Mars turning retrograde on March the 1st through May 19. And we must consider the pre-shadow and after-shadow energies that are felt as each planet slows to its point of turning in the opposite direction. The whole thing makes me think of our stymied Congress. Every potential move forward is met by an opposing force. An amusing cosmic joke of the first order might occur in which Congress somehow moves forward and makes progress with all these retrogrades. Maybe that would stop their objections. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

Aries: This is a goal-oriented week and you may feel some underlying anxiety about outcomes. Maybe a shallow case of nervous jitters will be helpful. The truth is that both the Sun and Mercury (retrograding) are on your side and will help you to meet new people as well as improve on current relationships.

Taurus: You have been through a whirlwind of intensity. That takes energy whether or not it appears so. Take a break this week. You need a breather. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn back into the fray. Declare your independence (at least for now).

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, has moved backward into Aquarius for a four week stint. Interests in publishing, the law, philosophy, and travel may resurface in your life for a time. As is often the case with Mercury, you may be required to perform a “re-do” in any of these areas. Your mind is more capable of dealing with theories than feelings.

Cancer: You are in a jovial mood, but take care that you don’t promise way beyond what you can deliver. Circumstances will flow favorably between you and your children or maybe even a lover. Follow the yellow brick road for the present. It is leading you in the right direction.

Leo: You will be one very busy Lion this week. Your attitude of peace will make all the difference in a major change occurring in your job and/or physical health. You can smooth a potential disaster into a simple problem to be solved as long as everyone cooperates. Your leadership skills are tested and it is likely you will be the King of the Forest.

Virgo: Whatever your good health routines, you may feel the need to go back and start over. If you are searching for something, check your desk, files, and anyplace that you normally keep records. Clean out old paper accumulations. You know, the stacks of stuff that you never seem to get finished. It will clear your mind and help you feel restored.

Libra: New Year’s resolutions concerning health and fitness are going well. Keep it up! Your reflexes are on target, too. You will prevail in almost any competition. This is a good time to make adjustments in your life routines so that they will reflect what you really want to accomplish. You can easily stay on target with your goals now.

Scorpio: Give special attention to intuitive hunches this week, particularly if they seem to fall into your mind unbidden. Try to distinguish the differences between true intuition (knowing without obvious cause) and the wishes or wants of your small ego self. Be still and listen to your thoughts carefully.

Sagittarius: This is a time in which your exuberance and enthusiasm may carry you farther than you really intended to go. You will certainly have more energy to do whatever you choose, but take care that you don't promise way more than you can deliver. Your warm and generous heart will have a heyday.

Capricorn: The Goats have been involved with the major T-square for a matter of 3 years now. The stress at all times is heavy. This week a seemingly minor situation enters your picture and may cause something akin to a meltdown. Of course you will hide it because you can’t allow others to see you out of control. Take a couple of mental health days. You are overcooked.

Aquarius: You may be surprised to find that your attitude about a purchase you have been considering has changed. Somehow you begin to see through your practical mind. It is the idealistic dreamer in you that was drawn toward it in the first place. Let it go for now. You’ll feel settled about it next month.

Pisces: During this week your creative mind is really active. Do what you can to clear the decks of chatter and circus while you concentrate on producing this artistic work. It can be in any type of media, such as writing, drawing, painting, poetry and/or music. Don’t put your product or yourself down. You have a knack for dipping into the collective unconscious and expressing what it wants to say.

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