Obama's "hit" men after Tea Party


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SPOOF SPACEWhen lies, radical beliefs, incompetence, political pay-back, and phony claims of great accomplishments become the controlling basis on which the government administers its affairs, its citizens should be scared. And they are! The intensity and increasingly pervasive fear of Obama's government are what initially alarmed a traditionally unworried, uninvolved grass-roots segment of the population and transformed it into a VOICE now known as the Tea Party.

A political anomaly at first, the VOICE carried a wake-up call message to politicians in Washington. "Please help us! Do something! While you sit there as our ostensible guardians, there is in front of your eyes, an invasion of far left-wing ideology subverting the culture of our Republic, politicizing government agencies with partisan, incompetent and unaccountable bureaucrats."

The pervasive extent of Administration corruption, incompetence and gross political discrimination revealed by the Tea Party's accurate wake-up messages has been so effective in raising the public ire and alarm that it scares the hell out of Democrat leadership. So their response is what they do best - call out the attack dogs. Assign their political assassins to one mission: KILL THE MESSENGER! The "hit" squad has already delivered its first serious broadside of lies, distortions, fear-mongering, racism, blame, divide, accuse and distract from their monumental failures.

The principal "hit" men began last week: New York's Senator Chuck "forever tax and spend" Schumer; New York's Governor Andrew "tax everything" Cuomo; and Obama's old loose cannon mentor Jeremiah "God damn America" Wright, champion of Marxist Liberation Theology. Amazingly, all three were seen at the Statue of Liberty chipping away Emma Lazarus' famous welcome poem on the statue. They replaced it with New York's new welcome:

Give me your brain-washed
Who don't know the score,
To replace N.Y. taxpayers made poor
Like middle-class Tea Party core.
Taxes so high even breathing's not free.
So come to New York and live by decree.
Send us only those willing to vote
Like lefty New York and Obama with glee,
Shoving freedom loving Tea Party
Voices back out to sea.

Believe it or not, tourists at the Statue of Liberty last week swear they heard Lady Liberty say this about the three chippers: "That's what liberals and the Obama Regime do – chip away at Liberty! Imagine! Just like me, you citizens can't even have your own doctor, hospital or health care plan, and like all New Yorkers, I'm drowning in taxes. Democrats chipping away my message is part of their war on women. I'm yearning to breathe free again, and if I wasn't stuck here in New York, I'd move to Texas."