canfield 1-15-14

Please, no more sob stories about law breakers

The Arizona Republic opines: "Businesses using reform confusion to bilk migrants."
Please, no more sob stories about law breakers. The Arizona Republic must stop playing the role of enabler and facilitator of illegal immigration.

Why not write articles about the victimization of citizens by criminal aliens? How about highlighting the plight of displaced American workers caused by illegal immigration? Or about the myriad of ways taxpayers are having to pay for this mess?

I beg you to put an end to the blatant news coverage bias and on the coverup of the negative effects of this uncontrolled immigration on American life.

Rusty Childress


A cruel hoax

In early January, I responded to a "Pet of the Week" ad in The Foothills Focus for a Malinois mixed breed nine month old pup named Cody. My wife and I were still grieving the death of our twelve year old Airedale, Sedona, and Cody's photograph and situation urged us to adopt him, which we did. We met Cody and his volunteer trainer at the Cave Creek home of the owner of a Scottsdale-based rescue foundation. It was an instant match that Friday! We bonded instantly with the playful, alert pup. On Saturday, the trainer visited our home to ensure that the environment for Cody was adequate, and it was so reported to the foundation.

cody the dogWe took Cody on walks, taught him to retrieve, played tug-of-war with him and his rope toy, etc. He was an instant member of the family.

On Sunday, we received an apologetic call from the owner of the rescue foundation: the trainer so missed Cody that she wanted him back! On Monday, I delivered Cody to the Cave Creek home of the rescue foundation owner. As Paul Harvey used to say, "This is the rest of the story:"

Cody had twice been placed before we adopted him, and BOTH TIMES, the volunteer trainer had taken him back under some excuse or other! It seems that she could not let go.

In all fairness, the rescue foundation owner acted in a moral, ethical and upright manner, and seemed disturbed at her volunteer trainer's attitude, but since no fee had been paid for the adoption, there was no legal contract in effect.

We are grieving the loss of two beautiful adopted canines in less than two months: Sedona Airedale and Cody Mali-Rhod (the latter has a Rhodesian Ridgeback fringe beginning midway down his back).

Let the reader recognize that grieving former pet owners can be victims of a cruel hoax. Caveat emptor.

J-P. A. Maldonado
Desert Foothills


Sodom and Obama

Fire and brimstone rained down on the wicked of Sodom and Gomorrah in God's wrath, sparing only Lot's family. Were he seeking modern day targets Chicago, with its staggering murder rate and corruption tainted Washington D.C. might prove easy choices. With cities, towns and states embracing legalized drug use, abortion on demand and a laundry list of leftist agenda items across the country, his list could quickly grow.

The United States was founded on moral, Judeo-Christian principals, save for the shame of slavery. Even our universities where founded by religious leaders, William & Mary, Anglican, Yale, Congregationalist, Princeton, Presbyterian, to name a few. But today it is fashionable to pillory those who fail to speak with political correctness while often giving a pass to lairs, cheats, thieves, murderers and rapists.

The Obama administration has robbed us (Quantitative Easing), lied to us (you can keep your Doctor.) cheated us out of our medical freedom of choice and diminished this great nation internationally. Those who look to Washington D.C. for answers may suffer Lot’s wife's fate turning into a pillar of salt.

No religious zealot am I, but I have read The Bible and noted that God just might be a conservative: "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek



I don’t get it. The Cave Creek downtown area stretches for a mile or so and looks like a mile long dump because of the unsightly signs that liter both sides of the street. These signs, mostly sandwich boards that seem to procreate, constructed and printed with no standards whatsoever, are now compounded by the unsightly fence banners that have cropped up everywhere along with the junk cars and junk boats that serve as advertising and the assorted junk now scattered around the new Hogs and Horses property.

To date, the median has been the only relatively clean area in town and now the town is going to junk that up with pole signs in the median. Are there no sign standards in this town and is it too much to ask that if more signs of any type are added, that some of the existing junky signs be removed?

The people who approve these signs either don’t ever drive through town or they have a totally different set of standards.

Name withheld by request


Should Democrats be allowed to have guns or drones?

Every time there is a mass shooting, not only is it mostly done in a "GUN FREE ZONE" but the perpetrator is more times than not a socialist leaning liberal and a Democrat. What is sickening that the media actually "Prays" and "Hopes" that it is a member of the TEA PARTY and tries to avoid any references to the psychotropic drugs many of these killers have been prescribed. The media condemns the death penalty and does not question that in 1992 the average murderer was released in 71 months! But then we accept too big to fail and too big to jail! What a country.


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


County Supervisors: Some "victims" get settlements, others don't!

Why do County Supervisors award $3.5 million to Don Stapley for "stress" but 0 to Mary Rose Wilcox for "stress?"

Evidence is mounting that million dollar payoffs county supervisors gave themselves and their cronies were NOT because they were actually victimized by Arpaio/Thomas.

The Maricopa County Supervisors continue to hand out settlements to themselves and their cronies over "stress" from being prosecuted by Sheriff Arpaio and former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

But something funny is occurring. Mary Rose Wilcox, who was prosecuted more than anyone except Stapley on the list of "victims" who received generous million dollar settlements from the taxpayers, is being prohibited from receiving a settlement by the other supervisors.

The supervisors have reportedly spent $375,442 of our tax dollars in legal proceedings to prohibit her from getting the $975,000 she is asking for.

We ask, if Arpaio and Thomas wrongfully prosecuted Stapley and Wilcox, doesn't that mean both supervisors are entitled to cash payouts, not just one of them? SOMETHING REEKS TO HIGH HEAVEN. We've said it here all along; both supervisors are corrupt and were able to dodge prosecution because they control the purse strings.

Arpaio and Thomas were cleared of all wrongdoing by Obama's Justice Department, despite the crooked Arizona Bar disbarring Thomas. When are the adults going to step in and stop the payola? The county's insurance isn't paying for the crony settlements; there is a $5 million deductible per case. How many more million dollar payouts do the crooked supervisors get to pick and choose to award to their cronies?

The one that really rankles us is $500,000 to Don Stapley's secretary for "stress." Are you kidding?

American Post - Gazette
Distributed by COMMONSENSE, in Arizona


Why not God

News reports more and more suggest that belief in God is waning at least in western countries. The thought apparently being that science and knowledge should move us beyond the fantasy or delusion propagated by a less than righteous clergy.

Yet, I submit … science and knowledge are actually at least as suggestive of there being a God than otherwise. Consider these basic facts: 1) every effect must have a cause; 2) ergo, the universe and of course all products thereof including us, must have had a cause; 3) so far, all the science and accumulated knowledge can only come up with two possible causes of the universe, namely: God or what can only really be called happenstance.

Why “happenstance?” Well, current cosmology holds that time and the universe are products of the so-called “Big Bang” following a period of singularity. (Where all the seminal atoms of the entire universe were compressed in a super dense, super hot indescribably tiny mass that erupted in a gigantic blast. This sending almost infinite numbers of neutrons, protons, etc. into space with almost infinite collisions and decay generating hydrogen, helium and then other particles over billions of years forming the basis of life). But, science and even probability theories can't fathom how the uncontrolled, unguided random collisions of particles could possibly even eventually cause something as complex, exquisite and the virtually impossible creation of, say, a microbe never mind a puppy or a Noble Laureate.

Even the ultimate scientist of our time, Herr Einstein, famously mused that God doesn't play dice with how the necessary electrons, core to our existence, are guided; and that such couldn't be by “chance.” That is, that there must be some nature of “clockwork” at play in these formations. It is further admitted by cosmologists that even an indescribably miniscule slowing or acceleration of the Big Bang's movement probably would've negated the formation of some of the key elements leading to today's universe. Thus, science so far … can't get beyond happenstance as our creator.

Whereas, I further submit that God is at least just as likely as the “clockwork” that Herr Einstein mentioned as guiding creation. And, that there is far more to us than simply being a product of haphazard cosmic collisions. The reality of humanity having the unimaginable talent of a Van Cliburn, the inspirational works of Michaelangelo, the compassion of Mother Teresa, the valor of a fellow soldier sacrificing himself on a hand grenade … seem to this writer, a bit beyond what can reasonably flow from mere evolution or socialization, or … some sort of subatomic toss up!

So, why not GOD.

Lou Zuccaro


Dear fellow patriot

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For Freedom,

Jenny Beth Martin
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