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January 15–21, 2014


For All Signs: The planets Venus and Mars were aligned in April of 2013. Venus, the ancient goddess of love, carries broad feminine and romantic symbolism. Mars is the warrior god and prevails over masculine territory. That alignment suggests the conclusion of one relationship and the beginning of another. Alternatively the conjunction speaks of the beginning and ending of episodes or cycles within a single relationship (April, 2013). On a clock it would look like 12:00 with both big and little hands in the same place. The hand that moves faster changes relationship to its partner. This week Venus has moved into the first quarter square to Mars (in the analogy it would be 12:15). This marks a time in which we are evaluating the development of that beginning in April. By now it has come to a point of tweaking. The direction may have drifted from the intended purpose. That shift could be a purely creative outcome or perhaps we can perceive potholes that need to be corrected. The “relationship” can be gender oriented or it might be a singular piece of creative work. Think about what began for you last spring. Don’t remain rigid or you might strangle it to death.

Aries: Check the lead paragraph because Mars is your planetary ruler. At this time you are being asked to invest more deeply into a relationship. The Other wants more from you. This could be measured in money, time, energy, or willingness to be intimate. It can be either a personal relationship or business.

Taurus: This is not your best week for getting along with others on the playground or at home. Even if you keep to yourself, you may attract those who want to take pokes at you. Don't get caught up in a battle of wills. The energies are short-lived, no more than a few days, and you can return to harmony.

Gemini: Early in the week you will have particularly bright and creative ideas. Keep a notepad nearby so you can catch them on paper before they evaporate. Whatever you do related to communications or education is favored. Your wit is sharp and quick.

Cancer: You may experience a boost of spirit during this period. It could come in the form of a muse, who encourages you to pursue some form of art, music, or automatic writing. Perhaps you have an unusually strong connection to the Spirit of your understanding and a deepening of faith. Relationships with children are positive.

Leo: Use the early part of the week to clear the decks and complete projects. On the 19th you will be struck with an important shift of your attention in the arena of relationship(s). This episode may require that you transform yourself or your beliefs about that relationship in order to create a positive resolution for both you and the other.

Virgo: You have had a need to make significant changes in your daily life in order to enhance your personal health. This may include a change of work venue or organizing your schedule in order to give more attention to your health. An opportunity to try out something new opens a door to a new idea in this area. Step through it for a fresh breath of health.

Libra: Your love of luxury and fine things may cause a battle with your partner, who prefers to keep the belt tightened. This reflects a genuine inner conflict. A fairly strong part of you also wants to play it safe as well. Look for a way to satisfy your wants a little more inexpensively.

Scorpio: Old issues may rise to the surface and cause you to become angry all over again. Maybe you simply have to replay this scenario, but don’t attack, lest you be sorry afterward. Take especially good care of vehicles and use care in driving. Your reflexes are not at their best right now.

Sagittarius: There are others in the world around you who are at odds or in conflict. On the surface of things, it appears this has nothing to do with you. But somehow it affects you and prevents forward motion. Let people resolve things for themselves and make no effort to push them along, lest you become a target.

Capricorn: Intensity in relationships is the theme of the week. If you are not conscious, you could be pulled into schemes of manipulation or compulsive behaviors. Existing relationships could re-experience the pain of old wounds. You have a choice of whether to work it through differently or act it out in the same ways as the first time.

Aquarius: You have an idea or a plan. Maybe it would be better to say this thought has you because there are potentially elements of obsession involved. You are absolutely certain you are right. Expand your point of view to include others. Would other people also benefit from this plan?

Pisces: You have a green light related to any of the following: legal, educational, and publishing matters; the Internet; an increased sense of connection to your faith and the God of your understanding; and help from the muse wherever it is needed. Social and mundane matters will beckon your attention, but the best choice is to follow the muse.

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