Deity delusion

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spoof space by steele coddingtonGod help us. An ever expanding government goblin is devouring everything of value and rationality in its path, led by a President whose own agencies and the complicit media who would like to convince us that he is our new Messiah. The most frightening thing about it is the extent to which people in this country believe that delusion. It started with figurative references by misguided entertainers and then limousine-liberal Barbara Walters, in an interview on CNN said, "We thought he was going to be ... I shouldn't say this at Christmas time ... the next Messiah."

In psychiatry, a delusion is a fixed, false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual facts. So liberals and other Messiah believers must be delusional. In reality the word Messiah would only describe Obama if it were broken in half. The first half, "Mess ..." describes practically every aspect of the Obama regime - a total "Mess." The "iah ..." ending of the word could be a derivative of an old Inca phrase meaning, "Love thyself." So by dividing a word to define its true meaning helps to produce a new non-delusional word, "ObamMess." Hence an identifiable word describing what's really corrupting this formerly great Republic. And that is the great challenge for Republicans: How to find the words to neutralize the sweet-talk of a convincing liar.

George Will in a recent article in Investors Business Daily mentioned the conservatives' ineffectual ability to communicate. He felt they had been unsuccessful at articulating the fundamental truth that government, particularly ours, is incapable of substituting itself by fiat into what is a "spontaneous market society." That is, in a market economy country no government can for very long substitute itself into a free capitalist economy that works in response to supply and demand in sync with the market. But Mr. Will's astute observation is that if you do "let progressives wield power for a few years," the resulting national fiasco will invoke change that historically returns the country to conservative reality and monetary responsibility with Republican presidents.

Republicans traditional CONVICTIONS are up to that task, but the current Party has no Ronald Regan whose humor, articulation and ethical convictions could unite the degrees of intensity separating voices with the same essential message. Yes, U.S. Speaker John Boehner is a decent, honorable, conservative man, but he couldn't sell an igloo to an Eskimo. CONVICTIONS alone don't sell squat. PERSUASION is the grease needed to sell CONVICTION.

Ronald Regan's "persuasion" was a basic American ability to sell a product, using MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING. Last night I had a dream. I heard the Gipper's voice saying, "When Obama's lips are moving, carry a fire extinguisher because his pants are on fire." Come on Conservatives/ Republicans, start persuading like the Gipper. A little humor with a lot of truth is the best way to expose a flaming rear end.