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JANUARY 15, 2014

Angels in our community

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tobyAccidents can happen to even the most careful and loving guardians. On Sunday in the blink of an eye Toby and his sibling pushed the gate at just the right moment and it flew open and out they ran across a busy street. Toby's sibling made it across but Toby was not so lucky.

A heartless driver hit him and left him for dead on the street. Luckily his mom was only minutes behind him as she witnessed them running through the gate. She picked him up (and his uninjured sibling) and rushed him to the vet. There he was diagnosed with compound fractures and both front legs broken. Whenever the bone is broken through the skin the chance for infection is much higher making amputation a possibility.

Once Toby was at the hospital Animal Guardian Network (AGN) was contacted for assistance. This is an extremely expensive surgery which most pet guardians would be unable to afford. We couldn't imagine letting this boy die because of a shortage of funds so we agreed to subsidize his care.

After 4.5 hours of surgery Toby's legs were saved.

The bones in both Toby’s legs were literally broken in half. To repair Toby's broken legs it required the implantation of metal plates, which were screwed directly into the bone. In young dogs like Toby the plates are removed 90 percent of the time once the bone has completely healed in 6 to 12 weeks.

Toby will have to remain confined for 6 to 8 weeks for his best chance at a complete recovery. The only concern for Toby initially will be infection due to the nature of the compound fracture.

The Animal Guardian Network facilitates and funds veterinary care for many pet families like Toby's. They do not put the additional burden of repayment on the pet families they provide for. They do not receive any government funding. They are simply a small organization striving to make a big impact in the lives of animals and those who love them.

They need your help to save even more lives. Please donate to Animal Guardian Network. Every dollar counts! Visit

Thanks from Tammy Irwin to the angels who helped from Animal Guardian Network, Animal Health Services and PetSmart at Bell and 7th Ave.