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January 8–14, 2014


Stargazer, 2014 Annual Part II

The 2014 Annual Horoscopes come in two parts. The first section was an overview, provided last week. This section offers projections for each sun sign. If you missed the first section, it can be found under the Features tab in the January 1 issue of Sonoran News or at

Aries: Your ruling planet is Mars, the planet of war. It is retrograding from now through July 13. During this period it may feel as though you are moving two steps forward and three steps back. There are special challenges and lots of attention needed in the arenas of your primary partnership(s), and clientele. This is especially important in Jan. And March when challenges become apparent. In May compromise and cooperation is mandated lest you and Another separate. Truth telling is mandatory, but make an effort not to be brutal about it. Life is smoother in July-until late Aug. Repayment of debts owed to you is especially slowed in Aug. Sep. brings a welcome change of pace from the clouds of the earlier part of the year. In Nov. you are likely to grab a new career goal and run with it. It is one you have considered all year but couldn’t get off the ground.

Taurus: As we enter 2014, your ruling planet, Venus, is already retrograding in the house that is associated with children, love affairs, and creative work. You are essentially going back over old ground in any one of these areas and forward motion will be a challenge. Perhaps you need to make corrections. Or maybe you need to take a break while internal quarrels work themselves to closure. Anything that is out of order in these areas will wave red flags of “help”. Mars is retrograding in the house concerning health, coworkers, rental properties, and pets. Repairs and attention will be needed here. Saturn has been in your 7th house of relationship(s) for 1.5 years and will continue through 2014. It is requiring you to have a sense of purpose and direction in this area. Frivolous relationships will not “work” for you now. Critical times of correction occur in Jan. and May. You will have to negotiate, cooperate, or separate if necessary. You may be “called” back into a former relationship this year.

Gemini: Given Mercury as your ruling planet, you have three times every year in which you back up and make improvements in an arena you thought was complete. Activities begun after Jan. 24 may require much of Feb. to complete. With this one you will be working on things legal or scholastic. The next retrograde begins on May 18 and concludes the shadow period on July 22. Much of this one is in your own sign, so you will probably back out of previously made decisions here. The third retrograde of the year begins Sep 6 and will be completed early in Nov. Your backtracking will emphasize creative work, your progeny, and perhaps your love life. Watch your temper and your accelerating foot during April, July and Sep. Saturn continues its trek in your 6th house, suggesting the importance of keeping up with exercise and diet routines in order to maintain your health. Right now you are not in your brightest moments of career, but this will begin to change for the better during 2015.

Cancer: Jan., Feb., and March are months in which your primary focus is on children, creative works, and romantic encounters. This is much the same as it has been for the past year. In latter March much of your focus shifts to matters of home, hearth, and perhaps your family of origin. There may be a startling event near the eclipse of April 15th that causes your attention to shift. From this point forward in 2014 matters of career or life direction take a back seat while you deal with your inner world and family. The second eclipse period occurs in Oct. which may also be unsettling for you. In the Sep-Oct period Mercury will be retrograding in the same territory, causing you to deal with home repairs and “fixing” formerly broken relationships. Give rapt attention to advice that comes your way in Oct. It may be inaccurate microscopically, but if you look at the big picture, this information could help you transform a challenge into an opportunity.

Leo: Jan 1 bursts forth with a powerful New Moon in your 6th house of work, health, and coworkers. It is likely something will be rearranged in these areas and probably a return to former conditions that you did not see ahead of time. Much of the year calls for you to correct for imbalances in all areas. Travel, communication, and education processes are emphasized, particularly near early April, early July and early Oct. If your vehicle is an older model, you may be doing multiple repairs. Avoid buying a new one until mid-July. Saturn remains in your 4th house of home, hearth, and family. Elderly homes or people are in need of care and attention. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and hope, moves into your sign for a full year on July 16. This will take some of the clouds away and give you room to breathe. As a rule, Jupiter in your sign is good for your health although it can bring “expansion” of too many goodies in life. Watch your weight.

Virgo: Your planetary ruler is Mercury and thus there will be three times during the year in which you need to turn around and review. It is generally best not to make big decisions during these periods, but rather to research the subject at hand. The first begins on Jan. 25 and continues through Mar. 16. It will be important to reorganize the details of your life, even to include closets or desks. For you, reorganizing is a way to settle your mind and clear it for projects that follow. The middle retrograde, from late May until mid-July involves rethinking your career or life direction. The third retrograde begins in mid-Sep and requires you to evaluate your financial picture. During the first half of the year you will be really active with friends and community responsibilities. A shift occurs in July and you will prefer to be with your more introverted self. A prime focus on proper and efficient communications or education has one more year and then you will move on.

Libra: Your primary ruling planet is Venus and during the first half of the year your co-ruling planet is Mars. As we enter 2014 Venus will already be retrograde and Mars is in the shadow of its upcoming retrograde period. Essentially the first half of 2014 is a time to take good care of yourself and your personal boundaries. Others may be attempting to influence you in ways that are just off center from your intended direction. Libras are most always kind and want to keep the peace. You may be required to tell others to back off in Jan, March, and especially in May. The retrograde planets in your sign suggest going back to the past re: family matters, old history, and uncovering secrets. In Sep. and Oct. Mercury is retrograde in your sign as well, further emphasizing the need to take care of yourself. There may also be repairs needed in your home or property. It will be best to let others come to you rather than putting yourself forward. Preserve income for the future. Scarcity will continue one more year.

Scorpio: Your ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. Your forward motion will be slowed almost to a standstill during the first half of the year while Mars is retrograde. Respond to what comes to you, but do not go on the attack in any area. Aggression may be harmful to your best interests. Take really good care of your physical self this year. Jan. and March bring challenges in relationship(s). In May you could feel the need to separate from someone or a situation in your life. Mid-July will bring a turning point, a time in which you can see your way to move forward with greater strength. You are going through a long term period of developing a new identity and sense of yourself. It is possible you feel directionless. Your present condition will change in 2015 and life will look much different to you.

Sagittarius: Your planetary ruler, Jupiter, changed signs in June to Cancer. This is a location which represents happiness and greater control for you. It brings improvements related to loans, alimony, the fortunes of your partner, inheritance, and good instincts with investments. It is possible you will experience challenges in these areas near January 31 and April 20. On July 16 Jupiter will transition into Leo and so will the emphasis in your life. Travel, philosophy, activities related to the church and educational processes become the next loci of your attention. The Mars retrograde occurs in your 11th house of community, organizations, and 2nd tier friendships. Some of these may fall away during the first half of the year. In late Sep—early Oct. a favorable opportunity comes in the form of a new lover or a fresh creative idea. You have enjoyed a favored position in your career or life direction for 1.5 years. This will continue for one more year. In 2015 you may become bored with the status quo and be ready for a change, even if it is only to break loose from the normal routine.

Capricorn: On Jan. 1 there is a powerful new moon in your sign, right alongside Pluto, planet of Mega Power, which has been slowly moving across your sign since 2008. Clearly something new is on your horizon. Stay awake and let yourself be creative. All that power in your sign must be used, lest it make you ill. Pluto will accept nothing less than the truth from you and it demands that you share what you have with others. Change is inevitable. Don’t resist it. Pluto continues to do the dance with Uranus on its right hand square as it has since 2010. I could just about list every month, but I will identify the ones which stand out: Jan, April-May, and Nov-Dec. This year is one more year of dramatic change in your life that began in 2008. Multiple areas are involved and there may be conflict all around you. Specifically the challenges point in the directions of your career, your home, family and property, your partner, and your personal health. Fortunately your friends and the community at large are willing to offer help when and if you need it. Your name is becoming better known.

Aquarius: Everyone will be challenged this year by the numerous retrograding planets which represent a decrease in forward motion for at least the first half of the year. One of the things you want to finish, but can’t seem to complete, is a legal issue that cannot be settled until the second half of the year. Mercury will be retrograding in your sign between Jan 24 – Mar 22. During this period it is wisest not to make a big decision because you don’t have all the facts, even if you think you do. This year you are preparing to make a big transition toward a new direction that begins in 2015. You will see the evidence at the end of Aug when it is “time” to complete projects and let go. There could be a sudden “stop” sign at that point. Use caution with your resources all year and save what you can. Late Nov and earliest Dec may cost you. Perhaps that is when you will need to spend money on the upcoming transition.

Pisces: Neptune is firmly in your sign and is bringing to light any possible health problems. You may have increasing allergies and physical problems with the environmental pollutants. It is possible you have “lost” your internal sense of direction. Even if that is so, give attention to things the people you know are telling you. They will volunteer suggestions without your asking because your talents are so visible. Don’t blow them off. You are unable to see yourself clearly right now. Count on those who know you well. Accept the suggestions of those who are straight up and without underlying motives to exploit you. Share your talent and don’t buck the system near Jan 31 and April 20. The Powers That Be are stronger than you are. Health issues improve in the second half of the year. Many will adopt pets in the last two quarters. The Sun will shine brightly on your job situation beginning in July.

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