Some ideas work out and some do not


Whenever you observe a rainbow as provided by nature, you must be between the sun and the rainbow. The pot of gold is tougher to pin down.

Have you ever been in a navy? Texas captured some ships from Mexico that Mexico had captured from France and thus began the Texas Navy. The year was 1839.

The discovery of the “6th planet” in 1781 has been called the most shocking single discovery in astronomy. For thousands of years only five planets were known and studied. The newly discovered planet was Uranus. Use caution when pronouncing that name.

Baylor University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the great state of Texas. BU was founded when Texas was a nation – 1845.

The planet Venus has a peculiar situation. Its days are longer than its years. One day there is 243 earth days long and each year lasts 225 earth days. Birthdays there are likely confusing. The work week is arduous.

Movie special effects have advanced greatly. The figure of King Kong in the original movie was actually just eighteen inches high. Many scenes were accomplished by using special props (such as a large model of a gorilla hand) and eye-deceiving camera angles. The whole thing worked for me. I still won’t go to New York City.

Have you seen the movie My Fair Lady? It is absolutely one of my favorites. Audrey lip synched every one of her songs. Marni Nixon did the singing. I am stunned, but Alfred Doolittle is still one of my heroes.

James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. The first recorded game was on January 20, 1892. Fans and coaches have been verbally abusing referees ever since that fateful day.

Has anyone ever told you to go fly a kite? If it ever happens and you wish to set a world record, your kite must go higher than 28,000 feet to beat the effort of one Jay Kunz in Laramie, Wyoming in November of 1967.

Some ideas work out and some do not. In 1856, the United States Army experimented with replacing its cavalry horses with camels. This experiment took place in Texas. The effort was soon abandoned and the camels were set free. There were reported sightings of wild camels in the Lone Star State well into the 1870s. I cannot feature John Wayne leading a charge atop a dromedary. Well, make up your own mind about visiting New York City – and have an outstanding week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at