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December 31, 2013– January 7, 2014


Stargazer’s Annual 2014 Horoscope, Part I
Entering the Age of Aquarius

The year 2014 is the third of five years in which we have the upheaving series of seven Uranus/Pluto squares. The archetypal battle in the sky is among Power, versus Social Justice, vs. The Sovereign Rights of the individual. Pluto represents Plutocrats, governments and any other major powers, i.e. the economy and global weather. Uranus symbolizes the freedom to be, social justice, and individual rights. Two more of the seven squares occur during 2014. One is in April and the other will be in Dec. The anxiety and tension, however, lasts throughout the entire period (2010—2015), while the explosive outcomes occur near the exact squares.

Governments will continue to develop strong arm tactics and reduce freedoms of the people all over the world. A typical scenario will include a government who promises safety in return for people letting go of their freedoms. Of course this has already begun in this country (2001) and we feel it even more intensely now. In recent years we have watched multiple revolutions that totally exhaust the people of the countries in which they occur. Given the political and economic struggles we experience in the United States it is not too far-fetched to imagine that we, too, are also moving in the direction of revolution.

We are experiencing the transition into the Aquarian Age and this shift is a struggle indeed. In these days of “we” versus “them” it is all too easy to dissolve into dualistic thinking: We are the good ones, they the bad ones. What I believe is right, which means that what you believe is wrong. It is hard for us to find a higher vantage point that allows both of us to be “right,” yet this perspective is a spiritual necessity that would allow respect for all parties involved.
Dualistic thinking (black/white, either/or) is the model we all recognize and have been trained by our cultures to adopt. It was evolved thousands of years ago when humans began to place value on their circumstances. We are uneducated in holistic thinking. Creating a New World is a mandate that will preserve the human species along with a few others.

We have dualized ourselves right down to literally splitting the atom which ultimately makes it possible to annihilate all living things. A concrete example of that is the profusion of Mark I nuclear reactors that dot the globe. They were built cheaply, lacking adequate safety mechanisms. Foresight was exchanged for saving money. Now any one of them can malfunction and blow a plume of radiation massive enough to do away with millions. Then of course, there is the ongoing threat of a country starting a third world war, just because they have the atomic bomb and can do it.

The problems of the world are not yet solved because we as a species are not mature enough to clean up the mess. We are looking for rescue. Instead we must each consciously stretch toward greater maturity. If enough of us do this, it will ultimately result in better use of our brains that can actually resolve our social issues.

Manipulation, avarice, and outright deceit will only yield more of the same problems. Make a personal effort to reach for the better or more mature method to handle any of your individual problems and you will make a contribution toward the evolution of humankind. You will also be so much happier. If we refuse to play the same old tapes, the mind will come up with better solutions. Our brains are naturally lazy and will keep reproducing the same scenarios unless we demand that it reinvent answers. We need to focus on pressing our minds to expand into fresh territory. We must choose to enter the new paradigm. It won’t just spontaneously happen. We each have that option, to think holistically and inclusively, rather than divisively and greedily.
See next week’s column for individual sun sign projections of 2014.

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