DECEMBER 31, 2013

Philanthropic tale with a tail – the rest of the story

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woman with catEddie Nichols, Foothills Animal Rescue (FAR) Outreach and Office Coordinator, helped us with “the rest of the story” Tamara Parisio wrote last week about her son Marco and Thunder the FAR cat.

It’s a happy ending!! Thunder was adopted along with his pal Winston.

A man who adopted a dog from FAR last year brought his daughter, Brooke, a schoolteacher, to the shelter to find a kitten. She not only fell in love with Thunder but also adopted Winston.

Nichols said, “I spoke with her this morning and she tells me the kittens are the best of friends; they are having lots of fun and playing non-stop!”

Although Brooke and her father had not seen the story of Marco and Thunder, we had to let you all know Marco got his wish. Thunder has a terrific forever home.

For more information about adopting a pet or helping care for pets until their forever home is found, visit Money is always welcome and so are items for daily use such as paper towels, bleach, and New Balance cat or dog food.