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December 18 – 24, 2013


For All Signs: The winter solstice this year is timed at 12:11 p.m. EST on Dec. 21. This is the point at which the northern hemisphere is tilted furthest from the sun, making our nights the longest. Ancient people celebrated the "return" of the sun a few days following the winter solstice, when it became apparent the sun would, indeed, return to bring heat, light and life. This was widely celebrated among the pagans (country people) at least as far back as Stonehenge, carbon dated at 2500 B.C.E. to 1700 B.C.E.

Another notable feature is Venus is turning retrograde on the solstice. She will appear to be going backward until the beginning of February. During this time buried resentment or old hurts and losses may surface. It is better if we examine our contribution to the old problems, rather than pointing a finger. When we hold onto anger it is because the unconscious wants to teach us something. Ask what it wants you to know, make a conscious commitment to remember the lesson but forget the pain, and you can let it go more easily.

Aries: Venus is retrograding in your career territory. You may back away from recent decisions in this area. “Career” includes life direction, so you may be reevaluating that as well. Former partner(s) and client(s) may return. If you have a huge expenditure in mind concerning career, it is a good idea to put off a decision until after Venus turns direct (Feb.).

Taurus: People who live at a distance are likely to seek out contact with you. If anyone who reappears is known to you to be of less than favorable character, use extreme wariness about mixing again. On the brighter side, you may be traveling or studying and returning to places where you have previously been.

Gemini: This will be a time to evaluate resources you share with others, including stocks or investments. You may be drawn to make changes in your estate planning. Consider your options but don’t make final decisions until after February. Someone may contact you about an old (maybe forgotten) debt.

Cancer: You and your partner have need of increased space between you. You have been so in tandem that the Self is getting lost. It does not matter who initiates the idea for a breathing space. It comes from a joint need. This does not mean anything about love, so don't misinterpret trouble where there is not.

Leo: Venus retrograde will cause you to focus on your health. For those who are routinely conscious of fitness, you may be surprised that you are prone to let good habits slide. Don’t beat yourself to pieces. A retrograding planet in this territory asks us to make positive health decisions over and over.

Virgo: Venus begins to retrograde in romance, play, creativity and children. This suggests there is a need to "go back" or reevaluate your position in these areas. Slow down or take a breather from forward motion so you can look more deeply at your personal needs before pursuing activity here. Don’t fall into old mistakes. Think carefully.

Libra: Use special caution when handling beautiful items in your home, office, or vehicle. Breakage is more than normally possible. You may have a need to reconnect to family members who have been out of the loop in your life. Don’t let anyone draw you into discussions of traumas in bygone times, lest it put a kink in your mood.

Scorpio: Venus will be rolling backward in your third house of communications and local travel. You may have an intense desire to purchase a vehicle, but that is ill advised. Try, but don’t buy. Check any contractual process with a magnifying glass. Hold your tongue if you become angry. Avoid old injuries in relationships unless you are apologizing.

Sagittarius: Venus will be backtracking in the territory of finances and personal resources, so these topics will have special priority this fall. It is in your better interest to conserve assets (money, time, health, and energy) during this period. Think carefully about the future before you spend your holdings.

Capricorn: You may experience some odd feelings about yourself in relationships at this time. Venus is turning retrograde in your sign and what you thought was great two weeks ago is now causing you to think again. Don't consider this the last word on the matter. It is an inner sense to take your time and use caution.

Aquarius: In some way you will be dealing with people or situations from the past. You may be returning to someplace you have been. This energy is best used for reflecting on how the past may be interfering with your present. Your unconscious mind is ripe to help if you focus through studying dreams, psychotherapy, journaling, meditation or prayer.

Pisces: You may be backing out or avoiding commitments in the community, possibly bored with usual activities or people in your 2nd tier circles. Give yourself R&R in this area for the next couple of months. Maybe you will return refreshed in the spring. It is possible friends from long ago will resurface. Or perhaps you take the initiative to find them.

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