DECEMBER 18, 2013

Yarnell Water Improvement Association receives $225,000 from We Build Arizona

Construction industry coalition to help rebuild water system following the tragic Yarnell fire
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YARNELL – The Yarnell Water Improvement Association accepted receipt of over $225,000 worth of pipe to rebuild their water supply system that was severally damaged during the Yarnell Hill Fire. The current water system supplying the town is so fragile that, if not fixed, will jeopardize future service for the entire community.

The donation to rebuild the water supply system is through We Build Arizona, a business coalition comprised of members of the construction and transportation industry. The entire donation of pipe to the Yarnell Water Improvement Association is through Pulice Construction. The donation includes four semi-truck loads of six and eight-inch pipe to reconstruct the water system that currently serves over 600 families.

The Yarnell Water Improvement Association was able to maintain service to their citizens during and after the devastating fire that destroyed 122 homes and 34 structures. The water system was subject to a process called "hammering", where the pipes lose pressure and nearly drained the system four times while fighting the fires. The draining of the system has made the water system very weak and unsustainable for the future.

"Assisting the Yarnell community to rebuild and restore their water system is one of the most rewarding projects I have ever worked on," said Senator Steve Pierce. "Water is the lifeblood of every Arizona community and this project is a very important first step in getting the folks of Yarnell a safe and secure water system."

We Build Arizona is working with the Yarnell Water Improvement Association, Yavapai County Emergency Management, Yarnell Hill Recovery Group, Senator Steve Pierece, Supervisor Rowle Simmons and others to assist in the restoring and rebuilding of the water system for the town of Yarnell.

"Again, I want to remind folks that we are a long way from completing this project and hope that other members of the community help in this worthy cause," said David Martin, Chairman of We Build Arizona. "Our members have volunteered to help in a number of ways, but completion of the project cannot be accomplished without the help of others. It is our hope that shining the light on this serious problem in Yarnell will garner additional momentum to achieve our goal of fixing the water system."

Other donated services from We Build Arizona to restore the Yarnell water system will include installation and a team to manage and properly engineer the project. This is the first phase of the project that could take up to two years to complete.

Parties interested in making a donation can do so at the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group or the Yarnell Water Improvement Association at