DECEMBER 11, 2013

Adrian Ophals is a Peer Tutor at Hamilton College Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center

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CLINTON, N.Y. – Adrian T. Ophals, son of Thomas and Maryann Ophals of Cave Creek, and a junior at Hamilton College, is serving as a peer tutor in the Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center (QSR) at Hamilton this year. The mission of the QSR Center is to support students in the development of their academic skills, and to foster collaborative learning and intellectual growth.

Tutors are students who have been recommended by the departments for which they tutor. They have taken the courses they tutor and have been trained in tutoring techniques and interpersonal relations. The QSR Center offers drop-in peer tutoring in introductory level courses containing a mathematics/quantitative component. Students may come to the center to work on homework, to work with a tutor, to review specific topics, or to use the resources of the computer lab and library.

Ophals, a classical languages and mathematics major, is a graduate of Foothills Academy.