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The New Coalition and Team New Jersey:  Report – Analysis – Question

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dwight – It has been more than a week since the meeting of Patriot Group Leaders and active individuals in Hillsborough, New Jersey where we gathered to discuss two plans and how they could be melded and separated in the effort to provide an effective game plan for the coming 2014 midterm elections.

Unfortunately the REPORT we must file, is not good.  The ANALYSIS, hopefully will be better and that will lead us into the QUESTION portion of this article.

Before we begin, it is imperative for everyone to know, that nothing written here be construed as criticism or disenchantment with any of the people or organizations that either helped Nick and I put this together or took a valuable Saturday and invested it to hear and understand the concept of The New Coalition and Team New Jersey.

Everyone of them are true and honorable patriots down to the core of their being.  Over the years, I have become friends with so many of them.  My respect and admiration for the sacrifices they have made is boundless and I thank God every day for having had the privilege of meeting them and working with them in this titanic struggle each of us has endeavored to undertake.

For those of you who may be hearing about this concept for the first time please click on this link CLICK HERE to read or download the New Coalition and Team NJ documents we have put together.

It was a late arriving crowd and when the presentations finally got started the agenda schedule was already suffering delays.  The attendance was a bit disappointing as many people who gave notice to attend, never made it. The original intent of the meeting, which took on other agenda as the planning and organizing proceeded, became pressed for time relating to how long most posteriors would remain planted.  As a result, requests to speak by politicians were politely turned down by the organizers. One or two of those rejected found other events that Saturday, more conducive to the needs of their campaigns.  No doubt where they do what they do best.  That is talk, as opposed to listen.

What the group lacked in numbers was far outweighed, as we all knew it would be, by passion and commitment, with no shortage of opinions and ideas.

The New Coalition, presented by TPATH went first as Dwight Kehoe (me) laid out an abbreviated description of the concept.  That presentation was purposely shortened in deference to the schedule lag.  While we made detailed copies of the plan available and for those with laptops a link to them on it had been part of our plan to take a few minutes after the presentation and take questions and suggestions.

But instead we were told that questions and answers would happen later after several other presentations which involved Team NJ, Steve Lonegan's failure to attract GOP money or minority votes, and the exciting subject of tri-fold fliers and the  beauty of Hewlett Packard printers.

While I did get a chance to do a quick poll by show of hands as to whether or not those leaders in attendance thought The New Coalition concept was worth pursuing and developing, and the show of hands was almost unanimous in the affirmative, several questions and concerns which should have been discussed at that time, were not.

Almost three hours later, after the other presentations on various topics, the New Coalition seemed to have gotten lost in the side conversations and heated debates as to what is a RINO and are Progressive Republicans any better than the Socialist Democrats.

I want to take responsibility for the fact that The New Coalition debate did not occur.  If my presentation had been more forceful or if I had presented it in more detail as I had originally planned, it may have gotten off the ground.  If it was the lack of detail, a poor presentation or the lack of time to discuss it while it was fresh in everyone's mind, or if the plan just plain sucks, I reckon we'll never know.

As far as the Team New Jersey presentation that Mr. Nicholas Purpura gave, all I can say is, astounding.   The thought, the effort, and the time he has put into this idea of winning Congressional seats is nothing short of brilliant.  His plan was laid out clearly and with great skill.  It is my hope that this Team New Jersey plan takes off, not just here in New Jersey but across the country.

As for The New Coalition concept, the question is simple.  As long as conservatives stay home on primary election days and then hand over a vote for a progressive Republican on general election days, will anything in this country or state change?

The New Coalition seeks to find and organize conservatives from every aspect of our culture.  From church groups to Tea Parties, to hunting and rifle clubs to senior citizen groups and even small Republican Clubs.

The reason the progressive GOP continues to win primaries and force moderates and even leftists on the citizens is because they intentionally keep the primary voter count low.  And those that do vote, vote as they are told.  They have the numbers, conservatives and patriots do not. The New Coalition plans to change that.

Please read the documents linked above, that is, if we still have your attention.  Every step of this plan is laid out there.  But what is needed now is to clear up a few things that we were not given the time to do at the presentations.

The New Coalition is not a political party nor will it ever endeavor to put candidates on ballots.
It will assist candidates in getting signatures for primary and general elections and turn out the votes.

The New Coalition is not anti-all Republican.  Every candidate put up by the GOP or which is an incumbent will be evaluated and not challenged if that evaluation is positive.  ONLY progressives will be targeted and not on their campaign slogans or speeches, but on their history.

The New Coalition is not anti-third party.  Every participant will be encouraged to present candidates for primary and general elections, but no participant will be obligated to support any candidate.

To get this moving in time for the midterm elections and its primary, three committees need to be formed and work begun in them.

Committee # 1 - Will be tasked to identify, contact and persuade conservative groups, group leaders and individuals to join the effort.   Plus other tasks associated with these activities.

Committee # 2 - Will be tasked to find and secure a location where a New Coalition pre-primary convention or meeting can take place. Plus other tasks associated with these activities.

Committee # 3 - Will be tasked to identify congressional, assembly and state senate seats occupied by progressives.   Create a list of those individuals and present it to those participating in The New Coalition. Plus other tasks associated with these activities.

If anyone reading this feels this plan has the potential to begin to change the way primary candidates are chosen and forced upon the voter please send TPATH an email with your information and what committee you would like to work on.  Anyone signing up has my personal promise that your identity and personal information will never be compromised, shared or turned over to Eric Holder, or anyone.

Also, please send this link to anyone you suspect may also be interested and ask them to do the same.

Even though we did not have a chance to work out details and take suggestions at the presentation, several people did sign up for committees.  If we get enough interest and it appears we have enough people to form these committees we will notify each of you who responds and schedule a meeting where we can get together and hash out the final details.
Please do not send a request to join a committee unless you have read all the documents we have prepared.  It is essential you understand exactly what it is you are signing up for.  Having said that, the first meeting, if it occurs, will be open to any and all suggestions on how this plan will be ultimately implemented.

Since the primary season is essentially upon us even now, time is very important.  We will keep this post up for two weeks.  If after that time, if we have enough interest, the meeting will be set.  If not, TPATH will drop this plan and go back to irritating liberals in both parties on our website.

Please feel free to use the link provided to email us with your thoughts. Contact The New Coalition here: TPATH-The New Coalition

Dwight Kehoe is the Managing Editor of TPATH, Tea Party Advocacy Tracking Hub. For more information, to receive updates and to support TPATH visit