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The Slate and the affable Mr. Glassman

The Trenk Slate (Trenk with bobbleheads Durkin, Monachino & Spitzer) fired the best town manager Cave Creek ever had during their first council meeting for no reason other than personal vengeance. Trenk tried to hire his buddy Rodney Glassman as interim town manager at the same meeting. No discussion, no due diligence, no other candidates – just do it because Trenk said so. He failed only because hiring an interim town manager was not on the agenda and he had to wait a couple of weeks or so to try again.

During this period, out of pure embarrassment and certainly not out of any concern for Cave Creek and its residents, staff quickly solicited several other potential candidates all of whom had excellent experience as town managers in towns similar to Cave Creek. Too late – the bobbleheads had already conspired, circled the wagons around Trenk’s buddy and pledged their votes. They needed someone who would do exactly as instructed – not a manager. The fix was in.

The only candidate with absolutely no town manager experience or anything related was the affable Mr. Glassman. He was an unemployed Tucson lawyer and unsuccessful senatorial candidate who worshipped at the altar of Arizona Congressman Raul “Boycott Arizona!”
Grijalva. But the only thing that mattered to the Slate was that he was Trenk’s buddy. The Slate flexed its 4 vote majority and hired the totally unqualified Mr. Glassman over the other fully qualified candidates, confirming that cronyism, secret meetings and arrogance were far more important to this Slate than professionalism and the future of the town.

Well, that arrogant, reckless, irresponsible and likely illegal firing of the town manager now has the town defending one legal issue to the tune of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and another legal liability of $3 million roaring straight down the track – senseless and totally avoidable. Basically, in their first week on council they managed to significantly damage the town with a substantial negative impact on the town’s finances for many years. Better get happy with your water bills. Now, see how hiring the affable and loyal Mr. Glassman set the stage for their future performance.

They then conspired to pay the totally unqualified but affable Mr. Glassman the same salary as the former experienced, supremely qualified and effective town manager.

They gave the affable Mr. Glassman only three jobs – he hasn’t accomplished two of them at all (managing the town and completing an audit) and the third, his hiring process for his replacement is astonishing – he uses a selection committee of four people; Glassman, Trenk, Mayor Francia, and Mesa Mayor Scott Smith. Of the four, three don’t even live in Cave Creek (Trenk, Glassman, Smith), two have no vested interest in the outcome (Glassman, Smith), one has not a clue as to what a real town manager does (Glassman) and the last one (Francia) has never been known to take position on anything until the votes are counted. Mr. Glassman has had 6 months to hire a permanent town manger but has dragged his feet for so long he has screwed that up as well, and now council is in the position to have to extend his contract until February 14, 2014.

How did the Slate react to this grossly unsatisfactory performance? They rewarded him with a $10,000 raise compliments of us taxpayers. Accountability? No way. He’s Trenk’s buddy and loyal to the Slate.

But, the $10,000 raise was not enough. They also gave him direct access to the town’s treasury by paying for unlimited use of his personal Mercedes sports car to the tune of another $12,000 or so (almost 10 times over budget) on an annualized basis.

Had enough? This is your Slate in action. Trenk, Monachino, Spitzer and Durkin and more recently joined by Francia. Corrupt, dishonest, arrogant and with their hands deep in your pocket.

Cave Creek should not stand for another three and a half years of this corruption.

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


Wild West Thank You

The Planning Committee of Wild West Days, and the Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association wishes to recognize all the residents, merchants and service organizations of the Town of Cave Creek for hosting the most successful Wild West Days on record.
This year’s event created record sales throughout our town businesses, and we welcomed a “stampede” of visitors that enjoyed all the family-friendly activities. Our hats off to all who participated in this year’s event, and a hearty “thank you” for keeping our proud western heritage alive!

Wild West Days Chair, Johnny Ringo
Wild West Days Chair, Jean Glass

The Incredible Wild West Days Planning Committee:
Leslie Jensen, Parade Chair
Diane Bell, Parade Co-Chair
Linda Anderson, Kristin Lewis, Denise Good, Miss Wild West Days Team
Steve Glick, Arena Boss
Mark Stevens, Mutton Bustin’ Chair
Patty Pollnow, Media and Town Relations
Terre Mullnhauer, Ranch Manager & General Administration
Fran Booth, PR & Communications

Wild West Days donates most of its profits back to the community and to its designated charities. This year’s charities include:
Horse Lover’s Park
Foothills Food Bank
New Beginnings Paso Fino Horse Rescue
Horse Rhythm Foundation
Rett Syndrome Research Trust
Triple R Horse Rescue

We wish to personally thank each and every one of you who make Wild West Days the grandest western event in Arizona.

Mayor Vincent Francia, Town of Cave Creek
Town of Cave Creek Council Members
Rodney Glassman, Town of Cave Creek Interim Town Manager
Marshal Adam Stein, Town of Cave Creek
Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse
Bambi Muller, Town of Cave Creek Trails Manager
Ian Cordwell, Town of Cave Creek Planning & Zoning Director
The Buffalo Soldiers, Colonel Brown & Sergeant Long
Kathy & Ross Libonati, Horse Lover’s Park Events Coordinators & Scottsdale Saddle Club President
Lee Anderson & his smiling horse Concho
Tom Lattimore, Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association
Glenn Davis, New Beginnings Paso Fino Horse Rescue
Sahika Riley, Horse Rhythm Foundation
Brandi Lyons, No Limit Horse Training
Jason Gifford, Horse Clinician
Jan Marrou, Cowgirl Singer & Entertainer
Brian Bausch, World Champion Trick Rider
Six Gun Entertainment & Chaz Lee
Danny Romero, Pee Wee & The Buntin Brothers
Rosie Anderson, Owner Sonoran Beauty Salon
Caley Hutchison & all the Bath Tub Beauties from Sonoran Beauty Salon
Miss Ellie, Megan & Lillie, 2013 Miss Wild West Days Team
All the Miss Wild West Days Cowgirls
Lance Headlee, Cowboy Artist Extraordinaire
Kim Brennan, Owner Big Earl’s Greasy EATS
Dana Gonder, Owner Wild West Pawn
T.C. Thorstenson, Owner Hogs N’ Horses Arena & Saloon
Danny Piaqaudio, Bill & Marie Vale, Owners Harold’s Cave Creek Corral
Larry Wendt, Owner Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse
Shannen Desautelle, Heidi Wilson, Ron
Halmekanges & Bob Berkman, our Mutton Bustin’ team
Mercer Rodeo
Jeff Price, Owner Horny Toad Restaurant
Marc & Bev Peagler, Owners Frontier Town
Bob Roloff, The Arizona Duuude
Charlie LeSueur, The Old Hollywood Trail
Fran Booth, Owner Booth Communications
Shelly Spence, Owner ImagesAZ
Hope Ozer, Publisher City Sun Times
Sara Vanucci & Scott Dahne, Editors Desert Foothills Chronicle
Sonoran News team
The Arizona Republic
Corey McCloskey, FOX 10 News
Channel 5
Channel 15
Channel 3
Channel 12
Arizona Country TV
Mike Barna & Tim Andrews 96.3 Real Country
Tom & Mary Van Dyke, A Cowboy Christmas
Samantha and Bob Fox, Owners Wild at Heart Raptor Rescue
Bob Boze Bell, Publisher True West Magazine
The Team at Sanderson Lincoln & Sanderson Ford
Bob Kite
Tracy Zipay Erin Robinson and the 4-H kids
Matthew Soderlund, Johnsonville Brats and the Big Grill
Dave Smith, Wild West Announcer
Judge Clancy Jayne
Nina Spitzer, Cave Creek Information Center
Chief John Kraetz, Rural Metro Corporation
Parade Marshalls---Brad & Jeannie and crew
Parade Announcers
Mel Butts
Bob & Lisa Morast
Diane Bell
Dex Seely
Parade Judges
Marni Pingree

Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association
Cave Creek


West’s Most Western Town

Perhaps they should have used: "Best of the Westest." Thanks,

Sue Newbanks


SAAR’s major stakeholders, brokers, Realtor members and affiliates need to step up to the plate

So…the story continues. It appears the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors (SAAR) is being run by a group of wild-eyed, politically-correct, nincompoops. Are they really determined to turn SAAR into a political action committee (PAC)? They seem hell-bent on going in that direction; however, I believe they need to take a deep breath and count to ten. They haven’t adequately addressed their membership regarding SAAR’s full involvement in the Scottsdale city bond election campaign, other than to chastise them for not supporting their efforts. It must be noted, SAAR is registered as a 501c6, and being a PAC is not in accordance with their Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation.

At SAAR’s 50th Anniversary breakfast at the Princess Hotel in Scottsdale last Wednesday, CEO Grossman asked for members who had contributed over $1,000 last year to RAPAC (the Realtor Political Action Committee) to stand. A small handful stood, and she said: “These are the people who are carrying the load for the rest of you.” Quite frankly, those few should have stormed the stage and demanded an explanation regarding the reckless squandering of their money.

The $112,000 question needing to be answered is how did this all come about? SAAR’s Board of Directors (BOD) says the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) requested they get involved. Their CEO Grossman wants to distance herself from the controversy while former Scottsdale City Manager John Little, SAAR’s Community Affairs Director, and their Government Affairs Director Andy Fegley aren’t talking.

I’m not sure who SAAR used as the facilitator when they put together their Strategic Plan, but unquestionably there was a push toward political involvement. Obviously, the way SAAR handled their first foray into the political arena showed extreme naiveté. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you have individuals who are clueless to political realities and afraid to question their peers’ motives.

As this saga unfolds and SAAR members become aware of their board’s reckless antics, ideally you will see concerned Realtors and affiliates come forward to try to salvage the integrity of their association.

Much to the chagrin of SAAR’s current leaders, the questions will not go away until this unseemly affair is out in the open. I hope it won’t take the threat of mutiny amongst their membership before the board understands they are accountable for their actions.

It was Harry Truman who had the famous sign on his desk in the White House: “The Buck Stops Here.” I believe in order to ensure this embarrassing and expensive ordeal is not swept under the rug and SAAR’s credibility is restored in the eyes of its membership as well as the community at large, SAAR’s major stakeholders, brokers, Realtor members and affiliates need to step up to the plate. The CEO’s contract needs to be revisited as well as those of SAAR’s Community and Government Affairs Directors. Equally important, the Board of SAAR needs to go back to the drawing board and re-write their Strategic Plan.

Tom Mason GRI
Past President (2004) SAAR


Proposed Anti-2nd Amendment Ordinance

DSH Firearms is opposed to the Board of County Commissioners of Leon County’s restriction of private sales, 3-5 day waiting period and any other anti-2nd amendment effort to restrict firearm ownership in Leon County. Gun shops have an inordinate amount of paperwork, Federal and State requirements, that already exist that restrict gun ownership in this country. The burden of additional background checks for guns that already belong to private citizens is not only against our beliefs, but it also places an additional amount of employee time, paperwork and liability on our employees and stores. We are unable and unwilling to cooperate in conducting these background checks.
As one of the highest volume dealers in Tallahassee, we have a large and fiercely loyal customer base, many of whom would support a recall effort for any commissioner who voted to infringe on their 2nd Amendment rights.

Dawn Sorchych-Hoffman
Tallahassee, Florida


President Obama guilty of serial fraud

The president’s misrepresentation of Obamacare makes him not only guilty of fraud, but guilty of serial fraud.

Andrew McCarthy, the top American lawyer who prosecuted the World Trade Center bombers, accused Barack Obama of serial fraud on The Kelly File on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013.

Attorney McCarthy said, “If ever there has been a fraud on the entire American people it’s this one. And I would say … this business about ‘you want your plan, you keep your plan’ is just the beginning of it … we’re talking about serial fraud on multiple levels and multiple level misrepresentations … this is an ‘in your face’ almost crude fraud. The remedy the Framers gave us for reigning in executive excess especially if it gets this abusive, is impeachment.
Impeachment is a political remedy not a legal remedy. This is a big scandalous scheme and the more you look at it, systematic dishonesty is rife all the way through it.

The president brought his November 14 attempt at an apology to a conclusion by saying he will change Obamacare. He seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Obamacare is the law of the land: he cannot change it. This is a republic, governed by the Constitution, not a dictatorship, ruled by one individual. If Obamacare is to be changed, the rule of law would have to be abided by: Congress, not one person, would have to change it.

Arden Druce


Dear Patriot,

Believe it or not, the 2014 election campaign has started. And the Tea Party movement needs to make a huge splash this year.

Through the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund PAC we are going to support pro-limited government candidates across the nation who are standing up to both liberal Democrats and big-government "Republicans."

Our goal is not to prop up any particular party. Our mission is to find candidates who will help save the nation.

Just imagine if we had more true Tea Party allies in the U.S. Senate last month. The Senate Republicans might have held firm against Obamacare and we wouldn't have to suffer through this disaster now.

Or imagine if we had just a few more tough-as-nails Constitutional champions in the House last winter when "Republican" leaders were caving and supporting Barack Obama's tax hikes. We could have forced through serious budget cuts.

That's why next year's election is so incredibly important. That's why we are preparing NOW for these brutal political battles. We need more Tea Party heroes like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee!

This week we began conducting a series of surveys of hundreds of thousands of Tea Party supporters to learn what people like you want in a candidate, which issues are most important to you, and what incumbent politicians we should target for defeat.

Next we'll process all this data, devise a master strategy, and report back to you.

This is a grassroots movement. Not a top-down autocracy. Our mission is to unite our activists, and together we'll strike a blow for freedom in next year's elections.

It won't be easy, however. The liberal Democrats despise our candidates and our values. They'll fight back hard.

And the Republican establishment has made it very clear that it will defend its government-loving incumbents and that it considers the Tea Party - us - to be its mortal enemies.
My friend, we are in for one massive political battle. And it's a battle we have to win.

America's future is on the line.

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots


The bloviating blowhard

It seems obvious to me that what we have in the White House is a person that is totally removed from reality, controlled by his narcissism and out of control ego.

When you look back over his career what stands out is that other than getting himself elected (by hook or by CROOK) he has had absolutely NO accomplishments.

His recent "apology speech" shows that when he is boxed into a corner and not able to pass blame off to others, his lifetime lack of responsible behavior dictates and brings to the forefront his inability to "man-up" for His errors and HIS omissions.

At the end of the day Barack/Barry Hussein Obama/Sotero is nothing more than an incompetent/sullen/divisive political hack.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

Tom Carbone