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To our community newspaper Sonoran News and all residents of Cave Creek

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I have sat back on my thumbs for many weeks, actually I'm sorry to say months, watching the circus that came to town. The difference in this case is unlike most major circus troops who come in by train, walk with the elephants down Jefferson Street so they can entertain for two weeks worth of shows in July and then take the Big Top down and move on to the next city or town (political correctness) looking forward to a fun show for the kids who want to see the lion trainer and eat cotton candy.

In this case we seem to not be that lucky as the circus did come to town this past election but unlike the professional one I mentioned earlier has continued to entertain or should I call the kettle black and say they have caused an elephant stampede of epic proportions with way to many errors and missteps.

First night on the job, against a majority of citizens’ input at the council meeting who spoke during public comment asking for proper time and restraint before addressing termination of the town manager, they ignored most of the speakers with the exception of the ones they planted. Many who spoke said Town Manager Abujbarah may sometimes over step his authority but he cared more for Cave Creek than most community members and always kept Cave Creek as a town all could enjoy.  He deserved to be reviewed in Executive Session and there directions could have been laid out with proper expectations from the new council and a time frame for directed improvement set with an outline for him to follow.

Well if I were writing a novel you would never have guessed the outcome of that night. We have something in America that directs all in elected or appointed positions on a council or board to follow, "Roberts Meeting Rules." All items must be placed on a published agenda with proper notice made before any discussion or votes can happen and especially a major change like what happened that night.

On this festive night (I joke, as you may have guessed) none of these legal rules were followed and new council member (Vice Mayor, I joke you not) Trenk was reading from a typed prepared statement and brought to a vote the immediate removal of Mr. Abujbarah as town manager. Surprise of surprises, a possible temporary town manager candidate named Rodney Glassman just happened to be in the council chambers with a prepared statement and a thank you to the council for his new temporary job. Wow my mind must be going as I didn't even see a public process or review of anyone else.

Well for show, our new Charlie McCarthy (Mayor Francia) with Vice Mayor Trenk's hand firmly pulling the string in his back, advised we would delay until a special agenda item is published and a council session would happen much sooner rather than later to interview any candidates and a vote would happen then. Guess what? A great mystery novel was placed in motion and a few days later Dr. Rodney (call me JAG Officer, EX Tucson councilman, EX and the list goes on as he's a man that can't keep a job longer than most people take a short vacation) is appointed as town manager for a temporary time frame making as much money as the seasoned Mr. Abujbarah was being paid even though our town rules allow and should have been followed by appointing the town clerk temporary manager. The surprise ending of this novel was that Carrie Dyrek, who was qualified and would have not cost our town extra money, wasn't placed in the temporary position but the JAG officer or what ever he was that night was appointed.

OK, enough of that old news and on to the "West's Most Western Town" oops I meant???  Sorry can't remember the slogan as they all are a waste of time but sure got Buffalo Bob or I mean TJ plenty of publicity paid for by our town. Where do I sign up for free advertisement as ring master of this western dog and pony show or should I say buffalo show (embarrassing but well publicized) of shows.

Well now let me get back on track and let all know what I am stating, and that is!! (drum roll !!) … it's time to take these Sound of Music puppet show clowns out and get real leaders in who want to improve our town and not destroy it. Dick Van Dyke who used to be a great Creeker but he doesn't live in Cave Creek any longer to bring his friends around. With Dick gone from our town Julie Andrews is not here to get the Von Trapp family singers to run the puppet show! Oh that's what Grace, Gilbert and Anna are for – sorry I'm so dense at times.

It's time to run these circus clowns out of town at high noon! That would be the Slate as you and many others call them. Vice Mayor Trenk, council members Charlie, Mike, Reg and yes, I hate to say this but, Charley McCarthy (Mayor Francia) who does need to leave as mayor. Francia has always been a good mayor but now he is just a puppet for the council "Slate." He lost his way and it's too late for him to be salvaged. I would bet most true longtime Creekers are very sad to say it's too late for Vince to grow a backbone.

The time is now my Cave Creek Friends to run these so called lovers of this town out on the circus train they rode in on. Every circus ends and this one has over stayed its welcome. The elephants are stampeding our true way of life and at the same time making us the laughing stock of Arizona. Let’s fix the issue we caused before we get too far into 2014. We need to recall these clowns and replace them with citizens who will concentrate on the important needs of Cave Creek and not waste money on showmanship and signs. Do we really think we have the legal right to demand McDonald’s stray from their certified brand logo or that we would not put commercial properties where they belong along Carefree Highway?

Thank you all of Cave Creek and remember this town is God’s country and a place we should be proud of – without having to watch one circus trick after another as it is today. Let’s send this circus group on an all inclusive, one way trip to a real Western Arizona town named Ajo! Maybe they could close the mine; oh, wait, that happened 30 years ago!

When is the running of the bulls? Oh sorry I strayed again thinking about bull---t spilling.