Defending Freedom

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spoof space by steele coddingtonJust to educate the uninformed, let's start with a really good lie. Shortly after the Washington Post's fact checker gave Obama "4 Pinocchios" for his lies about Obamacare, the newly named White (Lie) House, where he lives, denied the accusations. Denied the lies even though during a speech that same day the president turned to see what the teleprompter wanted him to say and his nose knocked it off its stand. So liberals, what part of the statement is a lie? Only the part about the nose.
But as the fawning major media and Democrat National Committee would say, to cover for their favorite liar, "the president misspoke," about Obamacare promises. The media is either so in collusion with his radical agenda or so naive they can't bring themselves to believe his "CHANGE" dynamic featuring Obamacare is the major first punishment on the road to transferring whatever wealth you've got, to his government. "We need to own you, so we can take care of you. It's called wealth transfer." But what the idiot class in this country doesn't realize is that "wealth" transfer isn't just about money. It's about you – transferring the wealth of your being as a free person to a bureaucrat who is your new owner.

As I mentioned in my last article, Dr. Ben Carson, a knowledgeable, ethical, retired neurosurgeon, labeled Obamacare, "the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery." This remarkable black doctor's poignant reference to slavery is a warning about a vast government program with political ramifications that mandates unprecedented controls on personal choice so pervasively that it effectively removes your individual freedom.

Think seriously about a strange comparison involving two presidents. Abraham Lincoln gave his life because of his love of freedom, and led the great struggle for it on behalf of mankind. Lincoln understood that emancipation was about removing impediments to individual freedom. Obama is effectively reversing the Lincoln miracle by imposition of collective mandates that represent the first calculated steps back to a form of involuntary servitude - government control of your health, privacy, treatment options, doctors, hospitals, and personal choice to facilitate his radical "CHANGE" for you. I think you will find Dr. Carson's latest book, America the Beautiful - Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great, - a torch for freedom.

Here's an introduction to a different type of alarm from a political street fighter who battles the radical left with first hand knowledge of its sinister objectives. He is David Horowitz, an American conservative writer. His parents were high school teachers and members of the Communist Party USA. Horowitz himself grew up as a Marxist heavily involved in leftist causes, a close friend of Huey Newton founder of the Black Panther Party. That relationship and its connections was the beginning revelation that started Horowitz's transformation over a decade, to a social conservative.

In 1989 one of his quotes while marching against Communism in Poland was, "Socialism is no longer a dream of a revolutionary future. It is only a nightmare of the past. My dream for the people of socialist Poland is that some day you will wake up from your nightmare and be free."

He battles` other nightmares too, and his continuing commentary on the left's invasion of campuses and education, government and radical Islamists are enlightening. His latest speech is entitled "The Threat We Face" and appears in Frontpage Magazine in frightening detail on the current administration and its danger to America. It is a must read for all Americans and should be distributed by Republicans and Independents as required reading. I'll quote from it in our next column.