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Fool us once shame on you; Fool us twice, shame on us

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Steve LaMarThe last resolution Trenk orchestrated through his slate puppets, Fast Fingers Francia (formerly own as Mayor Francia), and dance video star Rodney, call me Rod, Glassman has the Town on the verge of yet another a law suit. This time with our neighbor Scottsdale.

Councilman Durkin, who’s only contribution to the Town was gathering referendum signatures for Carefree’s attempt to block the development of the corner of Cave Creek Rd., has waded in condemning the Mayor of Scottsdale for warning our Circus Clown leaders that Scottsdale will protect it’s 66 year old trademark with legal action.

Town citizens of Cave Creek warned this Council that the intellectual property of Scottsdale was protected, and had been for many years. I was one of those Citizens. I have spent a good part of my private practice legal career defending Scottsdale, Carefree, and dozens of other small Towns across this State in litigation just like the litigation Cave Creek now faces.

But the circus clowns had gathered the press for a big photo op, one of their new leading citizens T.C. Thorstenson was outside with his buffalo. Another big box bar owner was pretending to be drunk, so that he could have contrived cover to belittle the Scottsdale Councilman who was there warning our Clowns that this was not the way to conduct business as representatives of a community like Cave Creek.

All of this in front of the State Land Commissioner who will only cooperate with the purchase and development of our 4000 acres of annexed open space if she is convinced that it is in the Land Trust’s best interest. There is a good argument for that, but you have to have credibility, the right team of experts, and the strategic plan to make good things happen. You know, if you have an ounce of common sense, that hanging out in front of Town Hall with T.C Thortsenson and his buffalo show, and belittling a sister community’s representative ( who by the way was absolutely correct) isn’t the way to lead this Town to be taken seriously by State Government.
But the Clowns had that hungry gleam in their eye like little children on the night before Christmas. Visions of headlines, photo ops, and TV coverage danced in their heads.

(Note that I am not speaking about Mr. Glassman and his close friend Mr. Trenk, and want to make clear that I am not implying in any way that they or their families have or should celebrate Christmas. One of the cornerstones of this Country is the right to religious freedom, moreover, I personally deeply respect any individual who seeks a closer relationship with God through faith. As well as those who seek to exercise selflessness, and integrity without a belief in God.)

The point is that Trenk, Glassman, and the slate bobbleheads Francia, Durkin, Monachino, and Spitzer in another splendid act of self interest have demonstrated once again that Cave Creek is their toy to play with. If it costs taxpayers money to defend civil rights law suits because they were hell bent on defaming, and railroading our former Town Manager; if it costs us money to defend lawsuits by neighboring Towns; If they want to spend $20 thousand on a chrome Denver Broncos horse at the entrance to our Town; if Fast Fingers Francia wants to spend $24 thousand in revenue from the water company for political fliers to his neighbors, so be it.

What speaks the loudest is the resolution Trenk has drafted for the next Council meeting. He proclaims in essence that if you think he or his pals have done a bad job that it is your civic duty to the Town to keep your mouths shut, except to come talk to him and his Mayor. ( A side note, have you noticed that when the Mayor talks, you can’t see Trenk’s hand behind the Mayor’s back. Look close, it seems that Trenk’s arm moves ever so slightly every time the Mayor speaks.)

According to Trenk, talking about a recall election means you are a bad person, and are working against the Town. According to Trenk what is good for Trenk must be good for the Town, because according to Trenk, this is his Town now, he and his out of Town money bought it, and it is time for us to be civil and let him and his minions enjoy the spoils of victory. Or else.

Trenk’s resolution may have something to do with a recent poll of Cave Creek citizens that confirmed that Trenk and Glassman rank last in voter confidence. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us.

For the Love of Cave Creek. This is your Town. Protect it.

Steve LaMar is a Cave Creek Horseman and Citizen