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November 6 – 12, 2013


For All Signs: In October and earliest Nov. We “enjoyed” two major eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. In addition, we are still under the influence of one more exact square of Uranus and Pluto on Nov. 1. This week, on Nov. 10, Mercury will turn direct. The countless errors and misjudgments of recent weeks will need to be sorted and resolved. Given these aspects it is no wonder that after wasting enormous quantities of time and money, the issue of the debt ceiling has been kicked down the road one more time. Depending upon who you read, the next hard debt ceiling line should be in March. The entire month of Feb. 2014 has a Mercury retrograde, so there is no hope for a decision then either. Congress and its inability to act on behalf of the people would be hysterically funny, if it were not so devastatingly serious.

Aries: You have an opportunity to create a worthwhile and steadily growing investment of time, energy or money. The requirement is that you study the necessary details in order to develop a smooth working operation. Physical activity and competition is favored.

Taurus: This is generally a favorable week. You may be traveling. Anything you do related to the law, your relationship, the arts, education, the Internet, or publishing is favored. Your upbeat attitude will be the glue that holds everyone together. It is a good time to plan something fun.

Gemini: This is the week in which your planetary ruler, Mercury, goes direct. You will begin to disentangle the various problems and issues that have prevented you from forward motion. You will find solutions to such annoyances as keeping the financial books and other records.

Cancer: You have been pondering serious things in recent weeks and months. It is possible that you have critiqued yourself for not producing more in your life thus far. Your friends and family would readily tell you that who you are for them is by far greater than what you have produced. Listen to them.

Leo: It appears that you are involved in a home project that requires some fairly intense effort. This is not a drudge. You are aware the time has come and something needs to be repaired or built. Even if others doubt your ability, you feel strongly favorable about it. And you are absolutely right!

Virgo: At last! Your ruling planet, Mercury, is turning direct this week. That will help you pull the various knots loose. This is a time in which you may be studying something. It could be a new skill, a language (use the word broadly), or instead you may become the teacher or mentor for someone else.

Libra: You have favorable aspects in a number of areas. Home and family will give you more support than usual. You may want to entertain friends and family at your home. You find yourself particularly attracted to things of beauty or the arts. Enjoy!

Scorpio: Effort and self-discipline of the past brings you a work opportunity that will bode favorably in the future. The source is probably a friend or an acquaintance in your general network of friends. It will be a relief to have Mercury going direct in your sign this week!

Sagittarius: Your planetary ruler, Jupiter, is turning retrograde and will be so for the next four months. This heralds a period of looking inward and seeking the support of your Spirit as you move through this time. You may have a project that needs to be thoroughly examined before you move to bring it forth into the world in a few months.

Capricorn: This is an overall favorable week. Good news or a growth opportunity comes to you from a distance. Your imagination as well as your wit are more freely accessible at this time. Someone in your social network offers assistance or special encouragement. You may be invited to a community leadership position.

Aquarius: Well, here it is. The spotlight is on you now. You can take this opportunity to improve your status in the world. It represents the beginning of a new stage in maturity as you demonstrate the wisdom you have accrued. You may be adding a role as a mentor or teacher to your repertoire of skills.

Pisces: This is a fine time to enjoy books and/or TV, meditate and journal. Give yourself time for self-exploration and even just "diddling around" and relaxing. Your dreams are meaningful and your intuition strong. Give attention to your dreams.

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