President Pinocchio

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spoof space by steele coddingtonTrust is defined as the reliance you place on the integrity, strength and confidence of another person. Habitual rendering of lies, distortions and disguised motives are character traits that are the mark of an untrustworthy person. Historically they have been symptoms that earn anyone who is consistently guilty of such utterances the despicable nickname "Pinocchio." You've heard the name often recently applied to the President of the United States, especially by Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler who gives Obama "4 Pinocchios" for prevarication regarding Benghazi, but earned also for remarks on Syria, Obamacare and everything in between.

Lies about Obamacare are bad enough coming from a president, but the horrendous implications of the law and its impact on individual choice is an example of Obama's real, slimy intentions for America. What is most unbelievable is the failure of the public to grasp the consequences of a mandatory government fist that will now have you squirming as it tightens its grip on every move you make regarding your own life and health.

A new, active Obamacare critic, Dr. Benjamin Carson, a recently retired neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins Medical School, in public addresses warns of the vast destructive political impact Obamacare will have on people's lives: "The worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery ... making all of us subservient to government," As a black man, Dr. Carson's warnings are dire, especially his characterization of Obamacare as, "Socialized medicine that is the keystone to the establishment of a Socialized state."

Wild accusations? Supposition? Conservative conspiracy? No! Intimate, knowledgeable understanding of the serious threat involved in plans by radical progressives in the United States to effect foreign ideological transformation is becoming increasingly alarming. But by hiding the continuing leftist schemes in language and actions disguised as "benefitting the middle class," or "fairness," or "health care for the uninsured," the left perpetuates the Marxist modus operandi outlined by Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals. Alinsky's message? Don't scare people with Marxist/Socialist manifestos anymore – just divide the country with Harry Reid-type accusations, class warfare, tax the rich, spread the wealth and increase the welfare class with vote-getting entitlements. Obama's favorite ploy is to blame someone else for disastrous consequences, or cover up in order to shroud radical plans in harmless platitudes.

Too many former radicals and leftists have been there, done that and have exposed the Democrat regime, especially Obama, in his march to a socialist nirvana that has failed in every respect whereever tried. Except for one oppressive characteristic – individual misery. See Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina and China.

In coming articles we'll highlight the insights of ethically intellectually informed individuals who have been leftists, or experienced the falsehoods of the direction Obama has in mind for us. These critics’ only objective? To forewarn a seemingly passive uninformed electorate of what misery can really be like. We'll name names and give you websites with their message, and wish you God speed in the fight to save yourself from the first steps leading to involuntary servitude. Or a more miserable country than Obama has already produced with failure after failure.