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October 23 – 29, 2013


For All Signs: This month may have everyone reeling, to one degree or another, after the changes precipitated by the Full Moon eclipse of Oct. 18. The answering, new moon eclipse, will occur on Nov. 3. This eclipse season is also complicated by Mercury changing directions on Oct. 21. The chances are high that you and everyone you know are scrambling to adapt to altered circumstances. It likely will be mid-November before the dust settles. Do the best you can to recognize and understand that almost everyone is disturbed in some way and may not be operating at top level.

Aries: Take every precaution not to abuse your body during this period. Drugs or alcohol could have peculiar side effects that you don't understand. You are in a low physical cycle and will be unable to push yourself as hard as normal on any physical task. If you are affected emotionally, try not to worry about it. Your body/feelings will right themselves after the 26th.

Taurus: This is a vaguely uncomfortable week. It is hard to move forward right now. Financial concerns may be holding you back. You may need to tend to your vehicle, which threatens to stop going forward, too. Your relationship to partner(s) may feel askew, but it isn’t clear what or how to address the issue at this time.

Gemini: The current Mercury retrograde is really messing with you now and through the end of this month. Nit-picky issues and minor annoyances slow down your forward motion. You may be searching everywhere for a particular piece of paper that is totally elusive. Remember that whatever is lost during a Mercury retrograde will turn up again before it goes direct (Nov 10).

Cancer: Your energy level is good. Positive outcomes related to your career or work in the world are reflecting well upon you. Almost anything you set out to accomplish is handled in unusually quick time. You have what it takes to be a warrior on behalf of yourself or others. People will listen to you.

Leo: Your attention shifts toward home, hearth and family as it often does at this time of year. You may have a strong need to clean out debris, get out in the yard, and generally make things ready for winter. This will require three or four weeks, after which you will shift to the holiday preparations. It is your natural solar rhythm.

Virgo: It is possible you will be feeling angry and disappointed over a situation with a loved one. No matter how much you want someone to listen to you, sometimes they just have to do what they will. Mechanical objects are not cooperative right now. They may break down. There are better times to come.

Libra: This period may be difficult for those on a diet or other self-improvement program. You are prone to self-indulgence right now. Perhaps the best thing to do is accept that is so and find a new solution that is satisfying without sabotaging your good intentions. Too much of a good thing is just too much.

Scorpio: Your overall attitude is serious and purposeful at this time. Even so, there is likely to be improvement in romance, love life, or in relation to your children. One part of your mind will be considering your spiritual direction and how you can direct your energies to fulfill it.

Sagittarius: You may be feeling stress related to your lover or a partner, maybe even a child. Underneath it all, the issue is tied to your internalized sense of the role of woman in our culture. The West has always struggled with images of the feminine. Is she a caretaker-mother type, or a seductress?

Capricorn: Aspects suggest that your attention may be called to teach or educate one or more people. It is possible that you are the student in a seminar. Short range travel and communications are also favored. If there is need for an emotional healing between you and a sibling or a roommate, now may be the perfect time.

Aquarius: The odds are high that you are going “backward” in some way. Use any verb you wish and put the prefix “re” on it, such as reviewing, revising, or rethinking a decision. The territory is related to your career or life focus. It may be time to “revise” a decision made in the last few weeks.

Pisces: This is a powerful time to consider your spiritual purposes. It is all too easy for the Maya, the things of the world, to overwhelm every waking minute, leaving no time for the higher goals. If you notice fatigue, disappointment, or depression at this time, stop. Be still and listen for the Voice deep within your soul.

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