Obama is the essence of Halloween

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spoof space by steele coddingtonHalloween is just around the corner. And it ain't the kids who are scared! It's people I bump into every day. They're scared of Barack Obama. They're afraid because like a ghost or apparition he jumps out at you with imbecilic decisions on vital issues that make you flinch in disbelief. When he throws out another inexcusably incompetent decision that looks like it came out of a high school playbook, (like the Syrian debacle), it is an embarrassment to this country and at the same time invariably endangers or weakens the resolve and effectiveness of long time allies. He has no sense of dangerously connected consequences, so our friends and sympathizers are afraid too.

They're scared because they can't believe what has happened to America - is its leader just another phony apparition? Like the Halloween analogy, he tries to buy you off with candy or a different mask depending on the issue. "Will more food stamps make you feel better?" Or, "I've got your back!" Sure, like a red line!

The apparition always reappears with a new bag of candy, spin, face mask or costume. "The Syrian debacle? Oh, I brilliantly turned that into a diplomatic way to get rid of some WMDs."
That spin is one of his political costumes stitched together by the White House and the brainless press. His Halloween masks are shamelessly designed to hide anything unfavorable by a mainstream media that is so ideologically in bed with this scary ghost they can no longer be considered a free press.

The understanding of Obama's appalling failure to grasp how the world's problems affect us is coming from so many sources even comparisons to Jimmy Carter are considered a compliment. Thoughtful critics of every persuasion are creating a ground-swell of realization that Obama is in deeply over his head and losing control of events that are incredibly dangerous to our vital interests. The latest appalling message to the world that demonstrates America's inability to know the difference between self-interest and self-destruction is the decision to cut off foreign aid and military aid to Egypt's current ruling military government. Good grief! What a signal to the Muslim Brotherhood, to Iran, and to Russia that an ally like Egypt's current government is no longer an influence we will support. And incidentally, screw you too Israel! Iran doesn't need nuclear capability any more – they have Obama to help blow up the Middle East.

Why are people scared? The general feeling of fear continues to creep upward because of worry about whether the President's failures are intentional, or conspiratorially motivated to subvert the country to achieve his radical vision of "Hope and Change." Or are the blunders and failures to perform in practically every area of the economy and foreign policy just accidental, symptomatic of radical liberal orthodoxy? Do we trust liars in our every day lives?

A recent quote by Billy Graham is a quiet guide for most people I talk to: "Our early fathers led our nation according to biblical principles. Hope and change has become a cliche' . . .and it's daunting to think that any American could hope for change from what God has blessed."

Don't let a Halloween President scare you!