OCTOBER 9, 2013

Obamacare proponents prove the old adage that life isn't fair

They blatantly took a stand against even the semblance of compassion for the constituents they represent
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WASHINGTON, DC – "Life isn't fair and President Obama and the Senate Democrats who gave us Obamacare pressed the point last week.  They adamantly refused to negotiate a compromise to keep the federal government open for business in exchange for a little time and effort to tweak a few unpalatable kinks in the Affordable Care Act," Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, commented.

Weber said that "while there is plenty of blame to go around on Capitol Hill regarding issues such as the Obamacare government shutdown, Democrats blatantly took a stand against even the semblance of compassion for the constituents they represent.  They seemed to whisper, 'let the public be damned' while shouting that Republicans are at fault."

He pointed out that the administration gave big business a one year compliance reprieve, but demanded that individuals comply with the ACA's provisions right from day one.  Weber also noted that the president made a deal with Congress to ease the burden of Obamacare for themselves and their staffs, but insisted that average Americans must bear the full brunt of the law.

"These are just two of the reasonable fixes that the GOP wants to make and to which Obamacare die-hards are wedded.  It's a new kind of Fairness Doctrine, I guess, and it will have a special negative impact on seniors.  Some of them will no longer have access to family doctors who have the prerogative of opting out of Medicare.  Many younger pre-retirement seniors will see insurance premiums increase.  All of us may ultimately feel the repercussions of rulings by the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which won't exactly 'ration' the care you get but can cut spending for it."

The AMAC chief believes the government shutdown is likely to be short lived and have little effect on the daily lives of most Americans, but the Affordable Care Act is "a gift that keeps on giving.  Indeed, the law may crumble under its own weight, if the first week of implementation is any indication.  The chaos caused by so-called Internet and call-in center glitches may be a harbinger of things to come."

Weber insists that he is not sounding an alarm.  "But it's only fair that I champion the rights, needs and desires of our members and urge them to put the pressure on recalcitrant lawmakers in their home districts to reform, if not repeal, the law."

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