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Don Sorchych

Sonoran News attributes

Cave Creek council

I have received a number of inquiries about our frequency of requests for contributions. We are doing that for growth purposes. We had to go to twice per month when the recession hit us. We are anxious to return to weekly status and grow from there by expanding our deliveries.

We have tried other methods of distribution but found that mail delivery caused our advertisers’ phones to ring. We are the only publication in our six zip codes that prove our circulation is real and offer our receipts from the printer and USPS. Others lie about their circulation.

We publish online at weekly where we offer far more information than in our printed version since there is no space limitation and no printer or postal costs.

The plan is to begin by printing weekly, 5,000 papers, in Cave Creek. That will be done in the next few months. From there we will begin expanding our weekly distribution until our entire market is covered.

canfield editorial cartoon
The loss of Carefree Station is a case in point. I know they had landlord problems but they were once a weekly advertiser with us. Then we were notified that the ruling group, I call the “good old boys,” told them they would not eat there if they advertised with us. Owners wouldn’t tell us who the vandals were. At a later time we were told that since he moved out of town, former Mayor Ed Morgan was one of them but there were others. Would they still be open with the additional customers Sonoran News advertising would have brought them? I think so but I am prejudiced.

After long deliberation, I decided to add a subscript to our banner that reads, “The Conservative Voice of Arizona.” A Scottsdale gentleman wrote and asked why we don’t print both sides of opinion. First of all, opinion is what it is and sometimes writers present both sides. But does the national press? No, it is completely biased left and that is why we are in the pickle we are in.

However an advertisement is what it is and advertisements are the choice of an advertiser. Sonoran News has taken a lot of heat over the years, much of it untrue. I don’t let the dark side of town dictate what we publish and it is clear who they are.

A lady I know quite well dropped by and said she had a big argument with some people who claimed I cut somebody’s brake line with a knife; obviously she told them they were full of it. That is one example of the dirt you get heaped on you when people don’t like you for what ever reason.

Many of our advertisers were challenged by people who felt we single handedly stopped CCUSD from getting bonds and overrides. All we did was present the facts and voters listened. They were not only illegal in saying what they said but they demanded the advertisers stop doing business with us. No surprise they were anonymous. To my knowledge no one listened to these cowards.

Conservatives believe in the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, our incredible military, personal freedom, government as small as possible, low taxes and have a special fondness for first and second amendments. We credit our country’s founders with incredible knowledge, courage and genius in their accomplishments.

Something wrong with that?

Recall and referendum
Candidates are lining up for the recalls. It looks like there will be five and maybe more since the slate supporters say they will try to recall the good guys. Based on past election results I think Ernie Bunch and Thomas McGuire are safe.

Adam Trenk finally was served with a subpoena prior to the Oct. 7 council meeting and so was Charles Spitzer. Now the entire slate has been subpoenaed.

For some reason, the council, supposedly shepherded by Mayor Vincent Francia but more likely by Vice-Mayor Trenk, has decided to hold discussions in executive session about possibly giving away our court to Carefree. Although that may be legal it is also unnecessary because this idea should get intense public scrutiny by citizens of both towns. It may be referable and it may not, but since Dickinson Wright, formerly Mariscal Weeks, now will make that determination, you can be assured they will give the current administration whatever they want.

I had written earlier if the council decided on a yes vote they should instead put it up for a public vote. There is not one Creeker I have talked to who is in favor of moving the Carefree court here.

Unbelievably, the council voted yes with only Councilman Ernie Bunch voting No! Read Linda Bentley’s article about Monday’s council meeting. So the recall may also be a referendum on that stupid vote. We will have much more to write about the faulty financials used to get the outcome both the Carefree and Cave Creek councils wanted.

Mayor Francia in his everlasting trolling for votes issued another letter not only to water customers but the town at large. In his increasing tilt to becoming a slate member he remarked that the $80,000 road plan would take politics out of road maintenance. He is full of barnyard debris. This is an encroachment on employees who have done an excellent job with our roads and is entirely unnecessary. And he wonders why employee morale is at an all time low? Is this what non-voting Pennsylvania resident Mike Chutz talked about when he lectured on privatizing Cave Creek?

The council, once again, showed lack of understanding about what Cave Creek citizens want. Even dark side citizens were openly against merging the courts and boosting Glassman’s salary.

Watch for recall announcements coming soon! We will be publishing a front page countdown.