Ra, Ra, Ra

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Some scientists with not enough to do are combining their efforts to study the individual personalities of bugs. For instance, it is reported with confidence that some honeybees will be bold and others of the very same species may be downright shy. Thus far, public interest in this revelation does not appear to be extensive.

Another group of scientists are busy completing Project ALMA. ALMA is an earth-based complex of computers, telescopes and sixty-six 100-ton receiving dishes that will render resolutions that are far superior to those obtainable from any existing space-based telescopes. One of the greatest advantages is that all the equipment will be easily accessible, making repairs and technology updates relatively simple when compared to similar overhauls made on the famous Hubble Telescope.

The oldest Bible in the Vatican is Codex Vaticanus. The manuscript was written on 749 vellum pages circa 350 A.D. The Bible measures 27 cm by 27 cm and may be seen only after receiving special permission.

It has been soberly reported that people belonging to the Hua tribe of New Guinea absolutely believe that men can and do become pregnant, sometimes giving birth to babies. I have heard that they also believe that congress can be trusted and that Linus is correct about the Great Pumpkin.

Ra, Ra, Ra. By last count, the ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 2,000 different gods (and goddesses). Simple math yields that if an Egyptian were awake 16 hours per day and did nothing but pray to these 2K deities, each god would receive an average of less than 29 seconds of attention daily. The scenario allows no time for naps or yodeling or work. They wouldn’t even have much time to “Walk Like an Egyptian.” At least one god could easily be overlooked. From a distance, the whole practice seems impractical.

Sandford Fleming designed Canada’s first postage stamps and established Canada’s time zones.
Soldiers spending long periods of time in trenches during WWI often developed a painful gum and tongue infection that had previously been called Vincent’s disease. The affliction became so common amongst those “entrenched” that the disease name was modified to trench mouth. Word is that Vincent welcomed the change.

Green’s Law of Debate: Absolutely anything seems possible to a man that has no idea what he is talking about. Well, I hope that you are never involved in a Hua paternity suit and that you have a splendid week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at