OCTOBER 9, 2013

Phoenix named #1 city for single females seeking philanderers

Study shows the Valley of the Sun has more mistresses than any other U.S. city
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PHOENIX – Arizona's urban heart is a hub for cheating hearts, according to new research from AshleyMadison.com. The dating site designed for people already in relationships says Phoenix has more mistresses per capita than any other U.S. city nationwide. Ironically, more than 1 in 3 women seeking affairs with married men in Phoenix are actually single themselves. When it comes to which zip code boasts the most would-be mistresses, Scottsdale is hands down the headquarters for home-wreckers. See below for the complete list of cities where wearing a wedding ring will get you laid:

#1 – Phoenix - 38.4%
#2 – Washington, DC - 34.7%
#3 – Dallas, TX - 31.9%
#4 – Las Vegas, NV - 28.5%
#5 - Los Angeles - 25.7%
#6 – Houston, TX - 25.1%
#7 – Honolulu - 24.3%
#8 – Charlotte, SC - 22.2
#9 – Ft. Lauderdale – 20.4%
#10 – Denver – 18.1%

AshleyMadison.com Founder Noel Biderman was not surprised by the results; "In a city where status is paramount, many women prefer to go after men who've already made something of themselves, even if that includes already having a wife and family," says Biderman. Residents can also be proud to know the desert city jumped two spots to #1 from last year's third place position. AshleyMadison currently boasts more than 20 million members across 6 continents.