OCTOBER 2, 2013

House Ways and Means Committee to vote on FairTax

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For the time in the history of the Country, the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee will be voting on the HR 25, The FairTax.  No longer is the FairTax wishful thinking.  In a letter describing the soon to be taken vote, Congressman Rob Woodall discusses how important this legislation is to the American people and to the FairTax Movement.

A positive vote from the Ways and Means Committee will allow the Fair Tax to come to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote on passage.

We need your help in educating all members of the House Ways and Means committee about the FairTax and how it will improve our economy, create great jobs for Americans, and provide a pathway for the working poor into the middle class.

While Republicans, Democrats, and Independents tend to be divided on many issues, there is one overarching legislative proposal that is a coherent, unifying force for bringing all Americans together.  This is the FairTax. 

Americans, regardless of their political party, are ready for a fiscal policy that doesn’t play favorites and eliminates loopholes for the wealthy, while making sure that those who have a legitimate need are supported.  

When it comes to truly helping the poor, the FairTax eliminates the highly regressive payroll tax that disproportionately hurts those who have the least ability to pay. 

In addition, because the FairTax provides a real stimulus to the economy, millions of high paying jobs will be created providing opportunities and hope for those Americans ready and willing to make something out of their lives. 

The Democrats Should Love The FairTax & Here's Why
A strong advocate for the FairTax is Laurence Jacob Kotlikoff.   Dr. Kotlikoff, a William Warren FairField Professor at Boston University, has done extensive research on The FairTax and has written extensively on why it is the one fiscal initiative that will dramatically improve all aspects of the American economy.  According to Kotlikoff, our economy needs a simple, transparent, and progressive tax system and The FairTax is the answer.  The FairTax ensures the wealthy pay their fair share while increasing the capacity of the poor to create a better life for themselves. The Democratic Party has consistently advocated for these two goals. 

The GOP and The FairTax Have Everything in Common
Everything about the FairTax is consistent with the core values of the GOP.  From the elimination of all individual and corporate income taxes to a tax system that encourages productivity, savings, and investment, The FairTax creates a political, economic, and social environment based on personal independence, responsibility, and self-reliance. Republican leaders have consistently advocated for a market place where businesses have more money to spend on hiring, expansion, and the development of new products.  The FairTax does exactly that. 

Click here to contact member of the House Ways and Means committee.

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