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Don Sorchych

Is this the beginning of truth?

In a perfect description, a friend said Cave Creek Town Hall was “hijacked by outsiders.” I will repeat once again if the council members had not quit, the slate wouldn’t be running town hall. However, that is history; now let’s go and get ready to recall the charlatans.

All the town malarkey about being the most western town in the universe is not true, but it is camouflaging the real issues in town. Once again, the slate has adopted Obama’s tactics, just as they did to win the election majority.

A reader sent an email concerning Mike Broomhead’s KFYI show which is on Mondays through Fridays from 4 – 7 p.m. “(Mike’s discussion was about) Glassman’s stupid Tucson commercial and also his stupid Cave Creek get on a bull and now I’m a cowboy and ready to run your town gig. Mike’s take was also how Cave Creek and Scottsdale fighting over who is the most western is dumb. He said Prescott and Wickenburg are way ahead of this boast.”

So even downtown talk shows are tuned into the plague of Cave Creek.

Cartoon 10-2-13
Usama Abujbarah’s Attorney Dan Bonnett is sending blizzards of demands to the slate and the town. Slate members are being individually served. To date only Reg Monachino and Mike Durkin have been served, while the other two appear to be ducking the server.

Of special interest is the slate leader, one Adam Trenk. The problem is no one knows where Trenk lives, neither Glassman nor town hall, according to a records request. If he is hiding it will force the process server to serve him at the next council meeting, on Oct. 7. Perhaps hiding his place of residence is more important to him than the embarrassment of being served in a council meeting.

But he and his slate bobble heads are in for a rough ride unless they lie under oath, which could endanger their professional reputations at the least.

Trenk is trying to sell or rent his house on Gunsight which is currently vacant while the one on Highland is rented. When a process server visited a home Trenk owns in Scottsdale, someone said they were renting the house.

So the mystery continues but will be resolved at the next council meeting, if not before. Trenk could also be served at his place of business, the Rose Law Firm. In the meanwhile, if you know where he is living, let us know.

Threaded through Abujbarah’s 10 page Notice of Claim there was frequent mention of Trenk.
Why wouldn’t there be? He is the ring leader and is largely responsible for the $2,963,717.61 claim against the town and the individual slate members.

Slate members and the town received nearly similar demands to save all documentation.
Here is Trenk’s:

“This law firm represents Usama Abujbarah regarding the claims against the town of Cave Creek and individual Council Members Adam Trenk, Reg Monachino, Charlie Spitzer and Mike Durkin. As you know, a Notice of Claim dated September 18, 2013 was served on Town of Cave Creek on behalf of Mr. Abujbarah and copies have either been served or are about to be served on you. The purpose of this letter is to remind you of the obligation to preserve all documents and electronically stored information (“ESI”) that is or may be potentially relevant to the issues identified in the September 18, 2013 Notice of Claim. This obligation exists pursuant to applicable provisions in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure and Arizona statutory law regarding retention of public records including emails and forms of electronic communications and electronically stored information. In addition, separate and apart from “official” communications regarding Town business, the Notice of Claim also identifies claims against you in both your official and individual capacity. Accordingly, this letter applies not only to documents and ESI regarding Town business, but all documents and communications in your possession or under your control that may in any way relate to Mr. Abujbarah or the matters set forth in the September 18, 2013 Notice of Claim. Given the issues we understand you raised about or concerning Mr. Abujbarah during your campaign for a seat on the town council, all documents and ESI since you first decided to run for a seat on the Council that directly or indirectly relate to Mr. Abujbarah or his performance as Town Manager are potentially relevant.

“We respectfully request that if you have not already done so, that you examine any and all information technology (IT) systems and other media in the possession or under your control which may contain ESI, regarding the above-identified individuals and issues related to the September 18, 2013 Notice of Claim and take appropriate steps to preserve all potentially relevant ESI in its current format. Furthermore, to the extent these IT system(s) are designed to routinely delete, overwrite or otherwise destroy ESI as part of a routine operation, this feature should be disabled, if not already done and/or other appropriate measures be taken to preserve all potentially relevant ESI in a usable, readable and readily accessible format. This includes contacting your internet and email service provider(s) and requesting that steps be taken to preserve all emails and other ESI such as Facebook posting and communications.
“We hereby notify you of our request to take all reasonable steps to preserve all documents and potentially relevant ESI on any media where it might be located including, but not limited to the following: network servers and backup storage devices; local hard drives on laptops and desktops; digital or tape recorded security cameras or other recording devices; websites, including blogs and social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter; email servers; email archival systems; network share drives; voicemail and VoIP servers and archival systems; computer disks, CDs, DVDs, and zip drives; cellular phones and digital cameras; smart phones; Blackberrys, iPhones, iPads, PDA, instant messaging (IM) or text messaging devices; instant messaging servers; archival repositories (e.g. tape libraries, real time backup systems, etc.) records management systems; enterprise or knowledge management systems; proprietary, but highly leverage, internal applications; offsite repositories (e.g., hosted IT or email systems); backup tapes (on-site and off-site including cloud-based storage); and significant partner or subsidiary data stores falling into the categories listed above.”

Think Dan Bonnett missed anything? I don’t.

This is definitive proof that Abujbarah is serious! The discovery mechanism will cover communications with the Dark Side and also the mayor.