Our song has changed

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spoof space by steele coddington"My country 'tis of thee.
Sweet land of liberty.
Of thee I sing."

These are the first three lines of a song that we used to sing as kids, celebrating "freedom." It rings with meaning along with phrases like "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Words like those help define America's most cherished EXCEPTIONALISM, which is government by "Rule of Law." The significance of that doctrine is that it differentiates us from most countries in the world, especially those south of our border, which though democratic in nature, have a culture largely influenced by the exercise of "soborno," creating the "rule of the bribe," the outright exchange of cash for favors or forgiveness.

But today in D.C. the "Washington soborno," which probably originated in Chicago, is being blatantly orchestrated by Obama and his Agencies and Senate Consiglieres in the form of politically legislated gifts. These are created through loaded legislation that significantly favors democrat constituents. This is exacerbated by questionable presidential executive orders and agency directives that benefit specific liberal cronies or classes of voters. Charles Krauthammer, political analyst, recently described the practice succinctly as a democrat favorite game to retain political power ..."Create entitlements to create constituents." The political favors go on interminably to install the Obama Nanny Agenda. A few affecting you negatively under Obamacare include:

1. Obamacare itself. Government bureaucrats now "own" you and your health care.
2. Employer Mandate delayed to appease and silence criticism.
3. Subsidies for government legislators and employees not provided in the new law now "awarded" to help finance their health insurance.
4. Caps limiting your "out of pocket" expenses incurred under your insurance plan removed by fiat.
5. Various selected parties given politically awarded plan waivers.
6. No criteria to establish "need" for subsidies to finance insurance.
The political soborno changing our culture has unfortunately changed our song. Political commentator and composer Shirley Coddington has created the Obama "My country 'tis of thee:"

My country 'tis of thee,
Ain't what she used to be,
Obama rules.
The heavy national debt,
The jobs we cannot get,
The promises that were not met,
You played us all for fools.

Obamacare will reign,
New taxes add our pain.
Kerry is panned.
Putin just laughs with glee,
Friends call us "weak of knee,"
Fiascos for all to see.
God save our land!