OCTOBER 2, 2013

Packages From Home for Christmas

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packages from home logoEvery year Packages From Home receives requests for Christmas decorations, according to Jan Johnson, MWR (Morale, Welfare, & Recreation) Coordinator for Packages From Home.

Unfortunately, a lot of the ones donated can't be shipped because they're glass and fragile. They need unbreakable (fabric, paper, plastic, rubber) masks, ornaments and decorations for holidays. Christmas stockings are always a big request, too!

To allow time for shipping and receipt by our soldiers before Christmas, Packages From Home will need to have the items on hand for packing by the last weekend in November. Next time you visit your local dollar store or party store, please keep our troops in mind. Pick out something fun and send it to Packages From Home or make a donation (mark the memo line on your check for Christmas) to help provide these needed morale builders! Checks and items can be mailed to Packages From Home, 1201 S. 7th Ave. Ste 50, Phoenix, AZ 85007. If you prefer to make a donation online, please visit www.packagesfromhome.org and click on donations.